Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hanging at the park...

We enjoy going to different parks around our house. It's just fun to play and exert some crazy energy that some 2 year old toddlers have entirely too much of. Not naming any names or anything, but it rhymes with Mylar. :)

This park is in Burlington and is about 10 miles away from us. They have baseball fields, walking trails, playgrounds, rides and a train station. It's really cute to picnic at and enjoy family time.

I love taking these profile pics of them.
This train was actually going pretty fast and I never could get Skylar to look at me in time when I tried taking their picture, but Terry said he was laughing, smiling and yelling "choo choo" the entire time.

The train station. All aboard!

Skylar enjoyed these little trucks. There were different ones and they all had horns. It was too cute.

Although, as you know, it is SUPER hard to catch smiles on him. You have to be fast.

Monday, August 17, 2009

8.2 Miles

Is how far this place is from our house! Let's say we had a staycation at our house this weekend! I wished we had pictures, but we were in the water 100% of the time and I didn't want the chance of ruining my camera or it getting stolen, especially since we never went back to our towels until it was time to leave, ahah! The good thing also is that 2 years and younger get in free and I had discounted tickets through my work, so we didn't pay an arm and a leg! :)

What we discovered:

* Skylar LOVES "WATER DAY". They must say that at daycare, because once a week they would have water day for each class at his daycare this summer.

* Skylar loves the water slides for babies and for kids. (They have a huge section for babies and toddlers) Then they have a kids section, then adults. Skylar went down the kid's slides by himself! I couldn't believe it!

* Skylar loves water!!! To splash and jump in.

* We are buying season passes for 2010. It's worth it!!

Since I have no pictures, below is a map of what the park offers. We also went down a few slides with tubes and Skylar had the biggest grin on those. We did too!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Around the house...

We love to play with bubbles!! Skylar got this little bubble maker as one of his birthday gifts and it's awesome!!