Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm caving 25 random facts

I have been so behind, that I am now caught up on everyone's posts. So, I am following in everyone's footsteps and letting you know 25 random things about me.

25 Facts about me…

1. I met my husband through my best friend Kelly. (They secretly liked each other at first, but never told one another and she ended up getting a boyfriend and then I came along!! Ahha)

2. I always wanted to work for a landscape company when I pass them on the road, but then when it’s 100 plus outside, I change my mind.

3. I used to write poetry a lot and then stopped for some reason.

4. I hated being pregnant. Getting way too big and swollen was NOT fun for me.

5. I love being a mom! (Make sure I threw that in there after the above)

6. I secretly want to be a stay at home mom.

7. I always wanted to be a cheerleader, but I was HORRIBLE at that kind of stuff, ahah! That’s why I stuck with soccer, softball…

8. I’m very inquisitive, aka “nosey”, but I know how to mind my own business when I need to.

9. I’m not very forgiving as I tend to be very stubborn…very bad quality…I know….trying to work on this.

10. I used to steal candy when I went to the grocery store at one of those areas to where you place money in exchange for the candy? Well, I conveniently didn’t put money in the tin box and sort of walked away……….with the candy. (I don’t do this anymore…come on guys!....I was like 29 when I did this....jk, I was 30…I kid, I kid!!)

11. I hate to fold clothes, so they tend to stay in the dryer longer than usual and then I complain that all my clothes are wrinkled and don’t even get me started on the ironing…

12. I want another child, but I want them 3 or 4 years apart, but then I think about how old I am now and I don’t know if I should wait that long.

13. I tried out for American Idol in Charlotte and Clay Aiken was in the same line as me, we both didn’t make it then. He did though, the next week in Atlanta. I went to a College Football Game instead, ah!

14. I never win anything. (Man, am I sore loser)

15. I love watching Jon and Kate plus 8 with my hubby!

16. My favorite food is ….French fries. I so wished it was something a little healthier.

17. I’m allergic to raw Apples. I found this out 2 years ago. When I was eating it, my lips swelled twice the size of Angelina Jolie’s lips.. (which BTW, I can’t stand her…GO TEAM ANISTON)

18. I wished I could learn to drive a stick shift correctly.

19. I am also a Christmas fanatic. I love the music, movies and decorations…it’s not so much about the presents to me, just everything that goes along with Christmas, is what I love. I’m not saying I don’t want presents!!! That’s ludicrous!

Ok this is getting hard!!

20. I would love to open up my own business, like a coffee shop/ dessertery. (sp)

21. I think way too much about conversations even as far back as 12 years ago. Sometimes I wished I could take back something I said; because sometimes it comes out not the way I meant it to. We all have those moments I think.

22. I love playing Tennis. If I knew how much fun it was, I would have played in high school.

23. I’m left handed when I write, but I do everything else with right hand. (playing sports, cutting paper…) Weird right?

24. I attended Western Carolina University and got my degree in Communications with a concentration in Electronic Media and Advertising. (I wanted to go to Film school after that)

25. I sleep on the side of the bed that closest to the exit. (I slept on the right side of the bed at my old house and now I sleep on the left side of the bed)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Tall and Skinny

That's what the doctor said... about Skylar that is. I WISHED she said that about me! That's a whole other post....

Sky's doctor said he's growing just perfect. He's over 100% for height at 33 inches tall, he's 90th% for head (BIG HEAD) and he's not gaining as fast as we would like. He's a little over 25% for weight at 21 1/2 lbs and he's never been in that range percent before, but the doctor said it's completely normal and their weight slows down as they get more mobile. Since he's not walking by himself just yet, (He walks assisted with his toys), he's burning more calories crawling. Which he loves to do! She gave me a few tips on fattening him up, so that's what we'll do. He eats all the time, so I'm not sure if this will even help, ha! He's on milk about 75% now. So, that's great. We are on our last can of formula...we broke down and bought another can last weekend, but this will be the last can as he is starting to like milk. He HATED it at first, but now he's liking it! I can't wait for him to be on milk 100%. Formula is expensive!

Here's a video of Skylar clapping while riding in his birthday buggy from his Grandma Jewell and Pa-paw Olen. He loves it!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Skylar!!!

Today is Skylar's actual birthday! Our little man is now a toddler, I can't believe how time has flown. He's really been so joyous to us. He's so funny, cute, lovable, happy, mad (when he doesn't get his way), smart and yeah...goodlooking. ;) Ok ok...enough of the boasting! :0

This weekend was like a whirlwind. I took off on Thursday and Friday, because I knew I needed the time to clean the house (I haven't really deep cleaned the house since we moved in) and then last minute errand running. We were all still running around right up until the party started, which was at 1pm. I didn't even get to change into my par-tay clothes, because it was so last minute, aha! I thought I had everything I needed for the party too, haha! I will make sure to have a better checklist for next years! On top of the chaos that was going on, we forgot to give Skylar a nap....YIKES!! Anyways, he was able to take a 45 minute nap as our family started to arrive. :) He was actually a happy camper from that short nap. I think he knew the party was for him! Such a party boy! He got so many wonderful presents. TONS of toys!! We are all excited about that! We love playing with his toys as much as he does, so this is a great change of toys for us!! I am sure I will be posting pics of him playing with them all here and there as well(I know you can't wait for that)!! I tried taking as many pictures as I could, but being a hostess is such a hard thing to do and to take pictures at the same time, so I got what I could. Do people hire wedding photographers for 1 year birthday parties? I should have thought of that if they do!! :)

*** One more thing, Skylar took his first true steps today!! I think he will walk consistantly any day now! He wouldn't walk for me, but he did for his dad, 3 to 4 steps at a time. I'm so excited!!

Loving his daddy!!
Katie and Emma (she had on her monkey mask)
Jacob and Crawford
My nephews Rex and Zeb with their monkey masks on. They were dressed alike too!!
Grandpa Terry and Pap-paw Olen, Aunt Keri and cousins Jaden and Xavier (They're getting so big!!)
My best group of friends... The Usual Suspects!!
Playing ladder ball!

The food was great!! We had hot dogs, hamburgers, pork bbq on skewers (Thanks Lydia), lumpia (eggrolls that mom made), baked mac and cheese (Also mom), baked beans, devilled eggs, brocoli salad, monkey trail mix, fried chicken (Thanks Mely), steamed rice and chips. We were not hurting for food...if you were wondering.

For the cake, we had the cutest monkey head cake and a little smash cake for Skylar. He actually didn't freak out with all the cameras in his face and the people swarming around him, haha! I was thinking any moment now he was going to freak out, but all and all, he had some delicious cake and he even gave me some..... on my face. Very funny Skylar!! :)

The smash cake!! Isn't is so cute?
This cake turned out so well!! Well the ear fell off right before we decide to eat it, ahah! Oh well... It was a hot day!
I made my cupcakes and they turned out great!
What is this?
Look fun!
I don't need my birthday hat, thanks!
I think I like it!
Ok I know I posted a lot of pics, but it's hard to narrow them down to just a few. :) Here's more from today!! His actual birthday!
Birthday wagon from Aunt GingGing!! He loves it!!
He learned how to drink from a straw. (First time!)
I'm not saying it all stayed in his mouth though. :)
Birthday cupcake!
Taste good mom!
We had a great weekend! It was so much fun to have friends and family over to see Skylar and wish him a wonderful birthday. I know he won't remember it, but we will and we can tell him later how much fun he had!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Simple is as Simple does..

I have been encouraged by Anna's page and now Torie's page on the values of simpleness out of life and how it reflects on me. I also encourage my blogging friends to share your world about the simpleness that surrounds you.

If I was at home…

Outside my window . . . I can see our Gazebo/trellis and the tree line beyond that. I take pride in the fact that my husband and I work hard to make our house “our home” that we love to come back to and relax in, while we work long hard days at work. In the process of all the work I am admiring, I see weeds that need to be pulled. I think I have OCD or something.

I'm thinking . . . how Skylar makes me so happy. He fills my life full of joy and in the process, brought my husband and I closer, not that we were ever far apart to begin with. We’re pretty much connected at the hip.

I am thankful for . . . the love I receive from Terry and Skylar (whoops and Ralphie), my friends who don’t judge me for being me and my family who will always be there for me, even if I happen to make them mad.

From the kitchen . . . I see the messiness of the floor that we all let pile up with dirt and dust, until guests are to arrive, then we speed clean it and make it out like our house is always this clean. They will never know…well…never mind, they do now.

I am wearing . . . my comfortable black dress pants with my pink polo and my black stiletto heels that have pink piping on them. (Sometimes, I do actually match)

I am creating . . .a happy home life by trying to have things organized at our house and so I won’t be so neurotic if it’s not organized. My husband can vouch for that. Wait a minute; I think the floors are piling up with dust and dirt again.

I am dreaming of . . . being debt free and enjoying life to the fullest without having to worry about bills, but being American, you tend to be in debt more. Isn’t it the American way?

I am going . . . to plan our vacation to the beach for next month or the month after. We don’t take many vacations and we need to relax and enjoys ourselves while we can. There’s no point in working so hard and not getting anything in return.

I am reading . . . Magazines galore. I actually don’t have time to read books like I used to. I have several books that I haven’t finished reading. Maybe I will finish what I started.

I am hoping . . . a stress free night, week and rest of the month. I tend to over analyze conversations and recent actions that I think about it a little too much and then I start to stress. I just need to learn to let things go.

I am hearing . . . the banging of the coffee table as Skylar loves pulling up and walking around the coffee table and banging along the way. When it’s quiet, is when I start to worry.

Around the house . . . I see projects small and large that we need to start on or finish. That’s our story at the Presnell household. We thrive on challenges and then ever so often, we get antsy and rather do other things in the process, but we do come back and finish them.

One of my favorite things . . . is to hang out in the bonus room (AKA Skylar’s play room) and hide in the tent and scare each other. We have a little tent we bought at garden ridge that was 50% off and it was already discounted (score). It’s a tent on one side and an Indian TP (sp) on the other side; with a tunnel in between them that connects them. Very cool investment. By the way, Skylar already ripped two areas in this nifty investment, aaaah!

A few plans for the rest of the week . . . getting the last minute supplies for Saturday. I’m not much of a hostess, so I am very nervous about having people over at our house and making sure our little guy has the best birthday that he will never remember!!

A picture or two or four I am sharing . . .

The Love of my life, my hubby!

The best group of friends. AKA The Usual Suspects

My crazy best friend

My love that brightens my days!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A free weekend to relax....wait, no, only in our dreams!

Skylar stayed with his grandparents this weekend and from the stories I was told, he had a ball! While he was in Marion, we did things around the house. (No....seriously, we did!!...because we never do things around the house, right??...HA) If you are a first time reader of this crazy blog, then you will soon find out that we never sit around and relax at our house.

We finally painted Skylar's room. I wasn't sure what color to paint it, as I don't have the patience that I had when we painted his nursery at our old house. I painted green stripes the first go round and that was so tough! If anyone has ever painted stripes, you know exactly what I'm talking about. :) I was cussing like a sailor, because applying the tape to the walls for the stripe part is the tough part, everything else is a piece of cake. We never use tape when we paint either. It makes such a mess. So, when we were thinking of colors and painting methods for his nursery, having to apply tape to the walls did not sound appealing to me. We actually decided on a blue color and the color we picked out turned out better than I thought. You can see the difference in the two rooms. I like both rooms and I think Skylar will be happy with this room as much as he was with his last room. His last room represented his birth and newness to the world and his new room represents being a new toddler boy. Which he will be considered on Sunday, when he turns 1!! So, excited about that! Here's the differences. I love them both, but I think he needs a grown up color. :) Right? I still might add one yellow stripe and a green small lining. I haven't decided. That would make it look great if I do....again, weighing the options on that. Go insane for my little man or live a relaxing weekend. I'll let you know which one wins out if I do an updated post on the nursery.

I painted the letters myself and added little bees to it and the yellow and green against the blue turned out well.

These toys will soon be replaced by more from his birthday party. We will be swimming in toys I bet.

We cleaned out the garage this wekeend too, beause the way the weather has been here lately. I have a feeling it's going to be scortching HOT this weekend, so the party will most likely be indoors. So, we will need places for people to eat. Oh, we still have so much stuff in the garage that I don't know what we're going to do with. Yardsale? I think so. Until next time...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who got a big boy haircut?

Skylar Did!!

I have been so nervous about getting his hair cut. I didn't know if he would freak out, laugh or cry. Well...

He did great! He sat on Terry's lap first and was getting his hair cut with his spiderman cape on, haha! I tried taking good pictures of him, but he wasn't into looking at me. Some crazy woman with some type of sharp utensil that was hacking at his hair, had his full attention. He kept staring at her, wondering what she was doing. :) Then he started to get a little wiggly and Terry and I switched places and Skylar sat on my lap. We came fully prepared though. We had cookies, puffs, his teddy bear (the one the E.N.T. doctors gave him after his ear surgery) and a moracco (sp) rattle thingy. Now I took tons of pics. So sit back and make yourself comfortable. :)

He's not sure what to think

Getting Started

Look at his long hair

Daddy reassuring him that everything is going to be ok

Here we go!!

I need my bear mom!!

I'm done!!

Mom looks deranged here, but she's so proud of her super big boy!!

Time to go!!