Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jennifer’s Baby Shower

My good friend Jennifer is expecting her first baby (BOY) in August.  She is so cute preggo too!  I was so happy to see her and other friends that I haven’t seen in a while.  It was fun to catch up….oh by the way…. I totally racked up on the baby shower games.  Yep….I’m competitive like that.  :)

 jennifer's shower with girls4

Very cute decorations.

 jennifer's shower with girls3

Look how adorable she is!

 jennifer's shower with girls1

Opening Baby J’s loot!  He’s def already loved and spoiled!

jennifer's shower with girls2 

The yummy and super cute cake.

jennifer's shower with girls

The girls.  

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father’s Day weekend

Fathers day weekend we went to Marion and swam and ate good food.  Skylar loved playing with this small water gun.  That’s all he cared about, so of course that’s the only pictures I got, lol. 

Also, Skylar really surprised us.  We don’t swim a lot, since we don’t have a neighborhood pool or have a pool membership somewhere, but Skylar was swimming like he’s been doing for years.  He would kick his little legs as fast as he could and was doing so well.  He also jumped in every chance he could by himself.  We had to watch him closely, because of this “no fear” mentality he’s got going on for himself.  

skylar fathers day 4

skylar fathers day 3skylar fathers day 7

skylar fathers day 5

skylar fathers day 2

Eating with his cousins. 

skylar and tractor fathers day

Some pictures from the weekend.  He loves his tractor. 

 skylar fathers day 1       Sunday, we hung around the house. 

Father's day  skylar fathers day 8

Skylar made a shirt for Terry for Father’s day from daycare.  It was too cute.  We also made him a cake for father’s day too.  Skylar and Terry both, finished it off. 



Friday, June 18, 2010

Whose the cool dude?

beach Skylar-1

Recent cakes…

I love making cakes, but I especially love licking the bowl clean eating the leftover icing and cake that was trimmed off.  :) 

birthday cake-1

I made this cake for one of Terry’s co-worker’s wife and daughter’s birthday.  The client said he wanted a chocolate cake with white icing.  So, I improvised and added a little more to it.  :)  (It’s vanilla butter cream icing and filling and fudge chocolate cake with sugar flowers)


cake for charity-1

I made this cake last night actually for one of my friends at work who needed cakes for the Jimmy V charity foundation this weekend.  I hope it raises some money for them. 

(Vanilla/Almond butter cream icing, banana cream filling and yummy strawberry cake with sugar flowers made with love for this charity)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Father’s Day Cupcakes

Or hamburger cupcakes.  :)  Whichever.  Sunday, we celebrated Father’s day early with everyone and I was in charge of bringing the desserts, so I brought these cute things and my famous nutter butter banana pudding.  Ok, it’s not famous, but it’s darn good! 

  hamburger cupcakes

It’s a brownie for the patty, yellow cake cupcake for the bun and (red, yellow, green and white) icing for the different condiments.  :)  Way sugary, but the kiddos were happy with it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday wine with friends…

wine 2-1

Memorial Day weekend was a great weekend!!  We went to Raylen Vineyards on the same day as the Wine Festival at Tanglewood.  It was awesome.  They had free wine tastings, free parking, free admission…  FREE is the word.  Our friend Jamie turned the Big 3-0, but will forever be 23….like me.  :)  Jamie’s hubby Kevin planned the whole venture. 


 wine 4-1

Not sure what the convo was here, but at this point, there was a lot of wine being drunk. 


Sweet sisters

wine 1-1Layla and Reg-1

Layla an Reggie, always being so cute.  Nice bag Reg. :)


Little Miss Sass is too cute.  (AKA Logan)

After we left the vineyard we went back to their house for pizza, beer and wine.  :)  Oh and eating cake. jamie and logan-1     That cake was yummy ice cream cake.