Saturday, August 27, 2011

Natural Science Center

We’re always trying to find something to do with Skylar every weekend and forgot that the Natural Science Center is here in Greensboro.  So, off we went to see the fun stuff here.  We might look into having Skylar’s 5th birthday here next year.  I really liked it.  There are a lot of neat things to learn and see inside and a mini zoo outside. 




We saw Turtles

turtle (2)

monkey (1 of 1)

We saw Monkeys

prairie dog (2)

We saw prairie dogs

prairie dog (3)

I think they’re cute.

natural science (1 of 2)

natural science (2 of 2)

I think this one is safe from Thanksgiving.  Smile

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Safari Nation Birthday Party

We went to a birthday party at a new kid’s fun place in Greensboro and let’s just say, it was awesome!!  Skylar has been invited to parties back to back here recently, so I was actually excited about this place when we got our invite.   Smile

The birthday party was held at safari nation.  It has everything!!  Even a Zebra line aka Zip line. 

box fun4 (1 of 1)

cabana (1 of 1)

They have this great snack bar. 

skylar girl bday party (1 of 7)

You can shoot balls at people below. 

skylar girl bday party (2 of 7)

The cool zebra line that Skylar was in love with!  No fear this kid!!

zipline (2 of 2)

zipline (1 of 1)

zipline (2 of 3)

zipline (1 of 3)

zipline (1 of 2)

Yep….he did this about 15 times…..ugh.. in a row.

skylar girl bday party (3 of 7)

The birthday party was held upstairs in the tree house. 

skylar girl bday party (4 of 7)

The party was for a little girl named, SKYLER!  hah She’s a cute thing that also came to Skylar’s party.  They went to the same preschool.  So, Skylar doe not discriminate against girly cake. 

skylar girl bday party (6 of 7)

It’s all good to him!

skylar girl bday party (5 of 7)

The birthday girl!

skylar girl bday party (7 of 7)

Skylar and one of his BFFs sitting on the floor opening their goodie bags!  Skylar had a great time.  We plan to go back to this place again.  It was that great!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Belle Chere

I have been looking forward to going to Belle Chere in Asheville for about 5 years now.  I used to go every year starting from when I was in college on.  Well, Belle Chere is held the last weekend of July and guess whose birthday always fall on that same weekend in July?  waaah… So, since this year we had 5 weekends in July, we were able to have Skylar’s birthday party the weekend before, yaaaay!  I will say this, when we went in the past, we um stayed out much much later. Winking smileThis year we brought Skylar with us, so he could see all the hooplah that I‘ve been raving about.  

crazy (1 of 1)

I think he could be a over acting here, but maybe he was just as excited as we were. 

laughing (1 of 1)

belle chere (1 of 1)

belle chere2 (1 of 1)

It was HOTTT!  My thinking was since we were in the mountains, that the heat would not be as bad.  I was wrong.  Skylar is drinking a bahama mama I think in a beer cup, but it’s non alcoholic of course.

hot hot hot2 (1 of 1)

We cooled off this way. 

air dogs (1 of 1)

The doggies cooled off this way.  It was cool to see them jump in the water after the balls.  There were a lot of dogs.

belle chere (1 of 1)

there were geckos …

art work (1 of 1)

cool graffiti art…

drummer statue (1 of 1)

Statues that could play music…  Winking smile

belle chere statue (1 of 1)

There were albinos that could play music, lol..

nothing wrong with these pics. lol2 (1 of 1)

Um…..guys dressed up as girls running from bar to bar, lol.  Although I think this guy is having a wardrobe malfunction.

nothing wrong with these pics. lol (1 of 1)

beautiful (1 of 1)

The beautiful Asheville city buildings.

skylar's favorite truck! (1 of 1)

Skylar was really excited about the Monster truck!  It was his favorite thing basically.

packed (1 of 1)

I miss this place.  It’s always so packed!

pink lemonade2 (1 of 1)

Before we left, we made sure to get a pink lemonade from these little girls. 

pink lemonade (1 of 1)

It’s definitely a different trip this time around, because things changed a lot, but you still have the good ol people of Asheville that I love to be around.  You have all walks of life there and no one judges.  I love that.  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Calling all Superheroes, I do believe we have a 4 year old!

I’m a little behind on blogging, but June and July have both been super busy months and now we’re in August!  Better late than never right?  Smile  So, on to the party details.  We had a superhero's theme birthday party for Skylar, as he’s a little superhero himself.  He loves dress up.  He has several different costumes that he will put on for fun.  I had a lot of fun planning this party too.  I don’t know what it is, but I love being creative and sure, it does stress me out, but yet again, I love it!   It’s all worth it in the end right? 


I found these superhero characters on the web and designed Skylar’s invitation, so I can’t take all the credit, lol. Skylar’s picture was taken by my good friend Emily.  She did a great job. 


I scoured the web for cool superhero cakes and saw so many that I thought were awesome.  I combined 3 different cake ideas for Skylar’s cake.  First off, I love CAKE BOSS!  So, I always wanted to work with Rice Krispy treats, but just never had the chance.

  rice krispie treat (1 of 1)

I bought the rice krispies (what? you thought I made those? lol) and used about 5 rice krispies to make the fist.  I really did not think I could do it.  I just molded it all together, to where I thought it resembled a fist. I also made my own fondant and colored it as well. 

phase 2 (1 of 1)

I added the green shimmer dust (edible) and then finished it up with some edible gel for the creases.  I was really impressed with myself, since this was my first time!  Smile

finshed product (1 of 1)

This was all done the week before the party.  It’s edible, but I didn’t plan for anyone to eat this, so that’s why I made it so far ahead.

 birthday  cake (1 of 1)

This finished product.  Smile  Spiderman, Batman, Superman and the incredible Hulk punching out of the cake. 

birthday  cake back (1 of 1)

The back of the cake with the superman cape.

birthday  spider (1 of 1)

Up-close of the spider. had the HARDEST time with the spider, ha!  I am not the best at carving, so this was one of the things that had me stumped, lol.  I looked for candy spiders too and couldn’t find them.


skylar with cape! (1 of 1)back of cape! (1 of 1)

Skylar looking cool in his superhero gear.  Smile  I made the masks for the kids and actually the parents too for favors.  I used heavy stiff felt paper bought at Michaels and used a template online for the shape.  I found these exact same ones on Etsy for 10 masks for $60!  Crazy!!  I made 30 some masks for right at 10 dollars, maybe it was less.  Score!


party details2 (1 of 1)

These were super cute and unfortunately, they are the only pictures I have.  They are superhero super pop suckers.  They have their own masks and capes.

party details (1 of 1) 

goodies (1 of 1)

I didn’t get any pictures of the favors at the party, but I did have 1 extra bag for a guest who couldn’t make it.  Favors were personalized superhero bags, mask, crazy straw, pop rocks, ring pops (although these are missing from this bag….terry!!), super hero tattoos, pez dispenser and candy stix.  All from the Dollar tree!  Smile

silly skylar (1 of 1)

Getting ready to go to our party!!  Think he’s excited? 


We had Skylar’s party at the Greensboro Children's Museum and I highly recommend this place for play dates, birthday parties, or for education purposes.  We opted for a private room and the room is huge!  They provided the tablecloths and lots of tables. I was very happy with them.  Although, we only had the room to use for 2 hours, the kids and guest can stay all day at the museum if they wanted. 

photo backdrop (1 of 1)

I like to make photos ops at Skylar’s Parties.  I feel sometimes it’s hard to take pictures and this makes it easier...usually.  So I painted the city landscape one day on a queen bed sheet.  SmileBelow are links to his previous parties.

Skylar’s 3rd Birthday

Skylar’s 2nd birthday

I just realized that I never showed pictures of his photo op from his 2nd birthday.  Ooops!  Here are a few.  I sent their individual pictures with the thank you cards.  I got this idea from my fellow blogger and friend, Crystal.

8x10 4 strips rex, ayden, grayson, makinley8x10 4 strips zeb, crawford, casey, jewellSkylar filmstrip

Set up of the Cake area-

Oh, the only complaint about the Children’s Museum that I have, is that you are only given 20 minutes prior to your party to set up.  WHAT???  Anyhoo, that explains why I didn’t get the pictures I wanted.  Oh well.  c'est la vie, right?

cake display (1 of 1)

The cake table is set up for the most part.  The cake back drop is a city landscape that I thought would be a cute “batman theme”.  I pulled out some paint and cut up some old card board that was sitting in the garage and painted it.  The yellow squares representing windows are posts its. 

emily picture (1 of 1)

Another picture that Emily took of Skylar. Smile

cake (1 of 1)

I also placed candy rocks (chocolate rocks) where the fist is.  The kids liked that.  I had to place more on the table cloths, so the kids could all get one.  Smile

skylar and ayden (1 of 1)

Skylar and one of his partner’s in crime.

seriousness before blowing out the candles (1 of 1)

Happy Birthday Skylar!!

blowing out the candles (1 of 1)

Make a wish sweet boy.  My guess is that he’s wishing for more toys, lol.

Super Mom and Super Nanny!! (1 of 1)

Ok, I’m not a seamstress, so don’t make fun of my concoction of a cape.  Smile  I made a cape for Terry and I out of 3XL t-shirts that I cut the front out and placed sticky back felt paper for the logo.  Tada!!  M = super mom and D = super dad for Terry.  I love that my mom is helping me here.  She’s my super mom.   

cutting the cake (1 of 1)

There goes the fist!

cutting the cake.  -( (1 of 1)


skylar already eating the cake (1 of 1)

Skylar is handing out cake and eating at the same time, haha. 

party people (1 of 1)
On the menu was Pizza, Cake, Ice-cream, juice/water and of course tons of candy.  Oh, forgot to mention that this was also a dress up party if you wanted to as well. 

Party Pics taken by Terry-

batman brayden (1 of 1)

One of Skylar’s pre-school classmates showed up as Batman. 

action shots with taylora and ayden (1 of 1)

Running from station to station.

news anchors (1 of 1)

We have newscasters here.  A superhero and a princess. 

racecar (1 of 1)

This was a funny foursome at this point. Two are Skylar’s best friend's from pre-school and the other is my friend’s daughter who had no trouble fitting in with the group. 

uh oh....the police! (1 of 1)

They did get in trouble with the law though.  Winking smile What’s even funnier is that Skylar opened up the emergency door and the alarm went off. Everyone scattered.  (um…it wasn’t me…)

makinley and Skylar (1 of 1)

This picture is so sweet.

Play crashers-

Terry took these pictures, but told me what happened. Apparently, there was a play being put on by these older kids and well, Skylar and his crew ran up in there and sabotaged it!  Then ran out like they did running in.  The parent’s I’m sure, weren’t sure if this was part of the play, lol.  Now, I’m sure if I saw this, I would have said something to Skylar that this is not nice, but…it was his party and I was not there.  So, all good right?

play crashers1 (1 of 1)

play crashers (1 of 1)

play crashers3 (1 of 1)

Cat in the hat-

Cat in the hat was there, so kids could sit and listen and meet the Cat himself.  :)

party's over4 (1 of 1)

party's over5 (1 of 1)

cat in the hat (1 of 1)

Actually before they started to read you could meet the cat and this is another funny series of pictures.  Taylor and Skylar saw the cat and wanted to meet him.  You see how far back they are.  As soon as this picture was taken, they scooted to the front, bypassing everyone in line.  Again, I was not here at this time. 

cat in the hat2 (1 of 1)

cat in the hat3 (1 of 1)

cat in the hat4 (1 of 1)

cat in the hat5 (1 of 1)

Parting pics.  I tried to get everyone, but hopefully everyone can send me their pictures too.  Smile

amie and I (1 of 1)

swider gang (1 of 1)

Logan is dressed up as Hermione.  I loved her costume!!

brights (1 of 1)

Carissa’s crazy bunch!

cam and ty 2 (1 of 1)

Layla I had to show this one of your kiddos.  It cracks me up!!

christian (1 of 1)grayson (1 of 1)

mathis gang (1 of 1)

My brother and family!  They’re all superheros too!

part of the gang with skylar smiling (1 of 1)

part of the gang (1 of 1)

party's over2 (1 of 1)party's over3 (1 of 1)

Saying goodbye!  Party is officially over. 

party's over (1 of 1)

He’s all turned around here.  To think he never took a nap all day and went to bed at 10, crazy. I would have past out in the car. 

opening presents (1 of 1)

Home opening presents!

maw maw and pawpaw (1 of 1)

Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us.  If you dressed up, then thanks for being good sports about it, lol.  We had a GREAT time.  Skylar really did!!  Now, we’re ready for a crazy year of a 4 year old. 

Onto the next…