Sunday, November 23, 2008

Daycare pictures

On Friday, we finally got our daycare pics. Out of the 5 picture proofs we got, we loved them all!! UGH! Skylar never smiles for us either, so what do we do? We get them all. LOL! Here are some pics that we loved! His hair was too funny
This will most likely be our Christmas cards. :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shopping with Yassiemundo

Today, Skylar and I met up with my sister Mely and my favorite niece Yasmine (ok I only have one niece...) and we went to the W-S Mall to shop for her upcoming Beauty Pageant. We got her a chic and casual outfit and we picked out a formal gown. She's going to be a cutie patootie. :)
The Berenstain Bears were there as well, so she got a picture with them. Skylar was asleep in his stroller (he never falls asleep in that shock), so he wasn't able to take a picture with them.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Snowy days

Terry told me it snowed when I woke up and I was like, yeah right, so when I looked out the window I got so excited! I didn't get, but 1 picture of Skylar. He wouldn't let me put gloves on him while he was eating his waffle. Funny little man. I thought it was too cold to continue to take pictures.

I also took a picture of our first snow at our new home.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Tagged !!
It is that time again...

1- Post Rules on Your Blog
2-Answer the Six "8" Items
3-Let Each Person Know They Have Been Tagged by Leaving Them A Comment

8 Favorite Shows
1. Jon and Kate plus 8
2. Little People, Big World
3. Chuck
4. Hills (sad)
5. Gossip Girl (another one I’m embarrassed about)
6. Life
7. The Office
8. Greys Anatomy

8 Things I did Yesterday
1. Went to work
2. Picked up Skylar from daycare
3. Went to PF Changs with some fun girlfriends for dinner to discuss someone’s shower in Jan
4. drank two glasses of wine….
5. Got onto Facebook… I’m addicted more to that than myspace now
6. Walked for 30 minutes during my lunch break at work (daily)
7. Got lost from PF changs to my house and the navigation system was not cooperating
8. Went to sleep

8 Thinks I look forward to
1. Christmas
2. Painting the whole house
3. making the bonus room a play/den room with a TV in it
4. losing fat and gaining muscle
5. paying off bills
6. sleeping
7. getting off work so I can pick up Skylar from daycare
8. walking in the neighborhood pulling Sklar in the wagon (I can’t do this much anymore, because it’s too dark)

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Myakos (WS)
2. Luigis (Fayetteville)
3. Olive Garden (I’m a sucker for this)
4. East Coast Wings (haven’t been in almost a year)
5. Ruby Tuesdays (yummmm, salad bar)
6. I don’t know…

8 Things on My Wish List
1. Furniture for the bonus room
2. a new camera
3. decorations for the walls
4. painted walls
5. a fence
6. Getting together with old friends
7. a pool haha (we don’t have that big of a back yard, but it would still be nice)
8. Family quality time

8 People to Tag
1. Gina
2. Crystal
3. Ali
4. Emily
5. Jamie
6. Layla
7. Melissa or Mike
8. Brandie

Sunday, November 16, 2008

$1.79 for gas

I never thought I would see the day that gas would be that low! I mean, I think the last time was Highschool or possibly college. I filled up for $30.60 cents, which still might be high for some, but we still have a SUV, so this is HEAVEN for us!!!

I hope it stays this way. It's helping the economy a lot. Everything thrives on gas unfortunately, so we need every little bit of help to get us through this economic crisis.

Big shout out to next President, Barack Obama. Yes He our future. I believe in change and I am very hopeful that he can do just that for us and our little ones.


I'll get to the title in a minute, but wanted to catch you all up with what's going on. This is long by the way. Skylar is talking so much now and eating like there is no tomorrow. Last week, which by the way, I ended up getting Strep throat on my bday, so I was not having fun, but I took Skylar to the doctor too. Since I found out I tested positive for Strep and I knew Skylar and I shared a drink the day before, I needed to take him as well to make sure he didn't have it. He was fine, no strep, but he has this bad cough (kind of like a smoker's cough) and they prescribed steroids to help with his wheezing. If you remember me mentioning before, he is a VERY picky eater and barely eats really, except for things like hotdogs and mandarin oranges, aha! Anyhoo, ever since he's been on the "juice", he's hungrier than ever. I can't give him enough food. Dinner time now is an hour and a half long. To give you an example, for breakfast on Thursday, he ate 2 adult size waffles, a handful of cheerios and a full sippy cup of milk. For dinner, he ate 4 chicken tenders, a couple of fries, a whole banana, one piece of whole wheat bread, some left over mac and cheese and a 1/2 container of greenbeans from the night before. This was all happening while I was trying to cook dinner. Then once I had dinner ready, he started eating my food, which was an easy to make, but quick hamburger helper meal with steamed rice. He was eating the meat (which he hates...or used to), the rice, the potatoes... I mean...he is so hungry, but WE LOVE IT!!! I can't believe his appetite is so full! I know this will change this week, as he had his last dosage of the steroids yesterday... but it was nice while it lasted!!

Skylar also got his bottom 2 fang teeth (cuspids) in, making this 16 teeth. All he has last left is his second year molars, so we have time to relax now, whooo.. No more crying and throwing fits...well at least not, because of his teeth hurting him.

I have no pictures by the way to share, because I can't find my camera anywhere. I hope I find it soon. We did a little painting over the weekend and I like to show updates, plus the kitchen is about 75% done with the tile back splash.

Now on to Skylar and his talking. New words that we heard or his grandparent's heard him say more than once over the weekend.

Chicken (we heard)
paw paw
Crazy (grandparents heard)
Ralph (I swear I heard it, but I'm not 100%...he could of been making a barking sound)

Then the funniest thing, he has a truck that plays 'Old Macdonald' and we sing along with it and say e, i, e, i, o and well, he sings that too. It's funny! He had been with his grandparents, cousins and the rest of the family in Marion all weekend, so he might have picked that up there. Since we got him back tonight, he's been talking so much, like he drank 2 or 3 cups of coffee, I mean talking a mile minute (all jibberish of course with words that make sense thrown in the mix). The stories I heard about him in church had me rolling. Apparently, he was walking around in church and with him being so skinny, his pants don't fit in the waist and well, he decided to take them off and walked or run rather to the front of the church in the middle aisle, so everyone could see him in his diaper with the pants off. That's our Skylar!! :) He's getting to be such fun now and is now a little person. So many people tell us he looks like he's 3 or 4 years old and doesn't look like a baby anymore, which makes me sad a bit, because I know he's not, but then again, he's growing up so quick!! I'm trying to savor every moment with him, good and bad, because I know his need of wanting me to pick him up when he's hurt or sad will go away as he will be a tough little man that will be too big in his opinion for my long hugs and kisses. Sigh...

Until next time and as Skylar says...bah bye and E, I, E, I, oooo.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to me.... I live in a tree... I look like a monkey....wait a minute...

So, I am the BIG 3-1. waaahhh... Scratch that, I am the BIG 2-1!!! :)

Here's a flashback pic from 97' that I found on a college buddy's facebook page. The theme was 80's, so ... I looked HOTTT! :)

Things sure have changed....but for the better. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I know....I'm way behind on post...

I have several posts that I finally posted below this one, but this is an important one.

He wouldn't cooperate this morning, haha, notice the tears and how I bribed him with a cookie? Excuse his tears and ....snot. :)

GO VOTE, if you haven't already. :) It's your civic duty. It's not just your future that's at stake.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Marion travels and Gas..

Today we went to Marion to visit with Terry's family. It's always great to go there and especially now with the leaves changing. It's beautiful!! We had a great time visiting and eating tons of food. Skylar got a huge bag of clothes that were past down from Xavier who's 2 years older than Skylar. Very nice!! :) They always treat us like royalty when we go there, maybe that's an indication that we don't visit too often, but that was only because of the gas prices being so high. BUT that's now changing, WOO HOO!! I took a picture of one of the gas stations in marion and I know you have to buy a car wash first, but still...this made my heart all warm! I'm hoping this is an indication that our economy is turning around.

We stopped by a local park in Marion and took a couple of pics of Skylar being happy.

Out of order, but Skylar down the slide, he's so happy!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Stew Time with co-workers...

Today was a pretty long day, as we kept going from one thing to another. That's why I live for weekends! :) We were invited to a Brunswick stew in Stokesdale at one of Terry's co-workers home. It's so nice out there and peaceful. Reminds me a lot of King. I miss that place! The scenery was very country and well, it just brings back memories. I didn't take too many pictures, as I was making sure Skylar didn't break anything, haha! He's starting to do that now.

Skylar loved climbing everything

He was playing himself, ahah

Going for a ride

Already thinking he's a big boy

Not cooperating with dad and pulling a sweet tantrum on the ground....aaaah the joys of the new terrible 1's!

Skylar found a new girfriend

Gymboree time

Today we went to Gymboree in W-S and Skylar had a ball!! We figured he would love it, because our good friends The Elrods go as well, or at least their son Crawford does. :) Skylar got to let out all this energy that little boys and little girls (can't forget them) have, which is a lot! :) Terry came with me, because he didn't want to miss out and well....Skylar is one tough little man to handle!! I think this will be a regular thing we plan to do, since he enjoyed it so much! We don't have Gymboree in GSO, but we do have Little Gym, which is pretty much the same thing, but closer! :) Here are some pics of our little gym-ster. Skylar getting that ball
He loved balls and he loved this area with the basketball goal the most
tippy toes

He was clapping so much, because he loved the bubbles!!
Whose that cutie patootie?
The obstacle course

It was just too cute, to not post
All the kids were under the parachute and Skylar was laughing so loud. I don't know if he knew what was going on, haah!

Later on today, we all went to visit Jamie and see her cute preggo self. We're sad that we live so far away now. We got to visit and see all that she plans to do for the nursery. Such exciting times!! I can't wait to meet Baby Swider...since she is holding out to find out the sex, WHAT???? :) I am so mad...because INQUIRING minds want to know....hint hint...
After we left Jamie's, we stopped by a local church playground and decided to take some pics of him playing.

What a funny face

I love this picture of him

Going down the slide with his daddy