Sunday, May 16, 2010

Too behind, so I will sum up in one post of just pictures. :)



Aren’t these cute?  Of course, I bought the CD again, because it’s way cheaper than getting a package.  Who wants wallet pictures anyways?  I hate wallets!  All the packages had a sheet of wallets with it and no substituting them for 5x7’s or other sizes either.  So…the cd route we went again.  :)  It was hard to pick just 1 anyways.  I love his daycare pics. 

DSC_5846 DSC_5831

  Here was my finale cake from my last course. The humidity was so bad that day, that my fondant was tearing in places.  I was so fed up, that I about skipped my class too.  Terry made me go, ahah…  I do know for the next time I make chocolate cake, to make sure my fondant is thicker.  You could see through it!  :)  I love making flowers though, although these were super hard to make, unlike the last time. 

That same day, we went to my parent’s house to celebrate Dad’s belated birthday.  I got these sweet pictures of Piper.  She is so pretty.  I think I’m a proud aunt huh?

 marbles skylar marbles skylar 2 

We went to visit our friends two weekends ago on a Sunday to finally meet their baby boy Logan in Raleigh.  While there, we went to Marbles Children’s Museum.  That place was huge! Skylar had so much fun! If you never been, you need to check it out.  We had a good time!

marbles skylar 3

Shane Kelley and Logan

Shane and Kelly with their 3 month old Logan.  Isn’t he a cutie? 

  terry and I mothers day color

Family- Mothers day

For Mother’s Day, our good friend Kelly came to visit us.  She showered us with flowers, food and toys for Skylar.  :)  She took the pictures above for us.  :)

Kelly and Skylar Spring

Skylar is watching Kelly, while she is showing him how to blow the bubbles.  BTW-he’s totally in love with her.  The second picture is my Mother’s day gift from Terry and Skylar.  I got a new lens for my camera.  I’m so excited!  Now I can play a little more.  I’m not a photographer by all means, but I love taking pictures all the same. :) 

mothers day kelly and I

Kelly and I (After drinking about 4 mimosas each)

skylar on gator

Can you say another Craigslist score?  We got Skylar an early birthday present now.  For those of you that own these, you know how expensive they are.  Well, any power wheel for that matter really.  We got this for a third of the cost, actually less than a third.  :)  It’s about 2 years old and works great.  It has 2 speeds, slow and fast (haha) and it reverses.  It’s too cute!  He loves it and drives it like he’s been driving it for years.

 Serenity and Skylar

Skylar’s cousin Serenity came down yesterday with Maw Maw and Paw Paw.  She was so sweet and Skylar loved her.  Everything she did, he would do.  He thought he was tough stuff when he was driving her around on his gator. 

Skylar and Serenity gatorSkylar and Serenity gator 2

They were so cute together.  He was so happy!

    sad skylar-1

Until, he was told to let Serenity drive.  He didn’t like it then.  :(  Tantrum was at an all time high. 

  relay for life4-1

Earlier yesterday, before everyone came over, we participated in the Relay for Life in Greensboro.  We walked last year and wanted to do it again.  Man, could it have been a hotter day?  Yikes!

relay for life6-1

We walked this track for a hour in about 90 degrees of hot heat.  I will say that I liked our shirts that we were sporting.  :)  We walked for Terry’s work.  There were several organizations there.   

relay for life5-1relay for life2-1

Skylar would ride in his stroller, walked, run and then loved being on his dad’s shoulders.

    relay for life3-1

relay for life-1

After walking, we rewarded Skylar with a sprite.  haha…  Yep….that's how we roll after working out. :)