Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy at 18 months

Skylar has been very happy here lately. I mean, I think he's over this cold/ ear infection thing and all he wants to do is play, DANCE and laugh. He's 18 months now and he's just keeps getting funnier by the minute. Now he still has his flaws of SCREAMING at the top of his lungs (sounds like a high pitch girl scream) and then throwing fits when he doesn't get his way, but other than those terrors, he's wonderful!

* He's imitating our words now. I can't name all the words right now, but if we say it a few times, he will say it also. There's a lot now. Yaaaay!!!
* He knows where the milk is at and if he wants more, he will hand you his cup and run to the fridge and tries to open it himself.
* He loves having his hair dried with the hair dryer. It's weird, but I think he thinks it's equal to us getting messages, aha! He looks like he's in heaven.
* He gets on our couch or chairs and brings a blanket with him to cover himself up and watches TV.
* He's sleeps 12 to 14 hours straight. He was NOT like this until he was 8 months, so the first 8 months were HARD on us.
* He's independent for the most part, so I can get things done while he plays.
* He's still a picky eater, so sometimes we stick to the same foods, just so he will eat.
* The boy loves to dance!!

He went to the doctor and his stats are basically the same as his 15 months, aha! He's 90th% for his head circumference, he's 25th% for weight (he only gained a few ounces) and he's 90th% for height. (he's starting to slow down on growing as fast)

So, 23 lbs/10 oz weight and 34 inches for height. He got 3 shots, poor guy and he did not take it like a trooper either. :( I hate when he's in pain.

Here are a few pics I took last night, because he was in a good mood. So, why not! He never smiles for me once I have my camera out, so I was very surprised. Of course I threw in his I am so mad at you face as well.

Just for fun....haha...he wasn't happy.

My Favorite pic!

6th in the 6th..I've been tagged

So, in keeping up with the fun. I've been tagged to post a picture from my folders of pictures that have yet been printed out, to put in my many many pictureless frames that I received over the past 2 years. Sigh.... So, the deal is, post the 6th picture in your 6th folder and describe, who when and where. :)

So...if You're reading if you want. :) But, you've been tagged!

This is Skylar at 7 months, eating on his teether. Really, not much explanation here, ahah!

I started to look at that folder and this was number 7 and I thought this one was cute too, so I'm cheating and posting #6 and #7. He looks so chunky, but if you know Skylar, he is everything but chunky, aha! I got a little skinny man!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Livin la vida loca

As Skylar would so eloquently put it, ;) . He's been a crazy man here lately. Giving us crazy devil looks and then laughing hysterically after he does it. What's with this new attitude he has too? I mean the kid has no fear. He stands on our furniture after we tell him a billion times, do not get up there and then once he's made it, he jumps off or falls. Then his sweatband of bruises (my hubbies words) appear. You might wonder why we haven't gotten his hair cut recently, that's why. His bangs cover them up. The funny thing is, I Swear daycare is keeping tabs.

This is when he was 8 weeks old and now he's adopting this look again, lol, but he laughs immediately afterwards.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Updates and life after Twilight...

Sigh...I need another series to read. Any suggestions? I miss my sleep deprived days of reading that story in 4 SHORT and not long enough books. I was a little obsessed really....I mean, if you think about it. Or just ask my husband. I think he remembers me, I was the one holed up in the other room when Skylar finally went to sleep and not making a sound, just reading my wonderful books. I did acknowledge him, although he will say I just nodded and did the eye brow lift thing like saying hello. :)

Well, since I am done, I needed to update my blog. Below are the links to each one or you can scroll down until you get to them, but I'm warning you, there's a lot. :).

Jamie's baby shower

Poor Carolina Panthers

My Sister Ging-ga-ging's going away party...10 thousand dollars

Ober Gatlinburg, fun in the fake snow

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jamie's baby shower

Another one of my BFF's Jamie is having her first baby! What gender baby you ask? We have no idea. She's one of those crazy girls that doesn't want to know until the day of!! I do admire her determination and I'm very proud of her, that she hasn't cheated yet. She's had 8 ultrasounds and she hadn't slipped up once. I know her baby will be gorgeous and there's no doubt about that!
The party hosts, Layla, Katie, Angela and I decided to throw a shower for Jamie. Since she hasn't found out the gender, we made it gender neutral for the colors. Lots of Green and Yellow. I love those colors anyways, since I painted Skylar's room those colors at our old house and I knew he was going to be a boy, so there. :) Jamie got a lot of cute stuff. We had it at Big Shotz Tavern in one of their smaller private rooms and the food was excellent. The cupcakes came from Dewey's! mmmm, my favorite and we all added our own special touches. We wanted to shower our sweet friend, since she always did the same for us one way or another.

Dewey's cupcakes...yum!!

The party planners- Layla, Angela, Me and Katie
The baby shower games- Guess the dirty diaper and Name that baby food
All the presents
Jamie guessing what's in the diaper...Go ahead Jamie, open it!
I made the diaper cake
The food was great, yummers
The party planners and the mother to be
She liked her Mom Bag. :)
Soon she will have her new baby to show off as well and I can't wait!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Going to be MIA....for at least a week

BECAUSE of ... My new Obsession.

I finished this in 1 Full day.

I'm reading this now and I'm already on page 212 and this I started at 9pm (Monday)

I need to buy this book (3rd in series) and I will most likely start this on Thursday...I do have a wonderful son that needs my undivided attention. :)

This should be done this weekend. :)

I promise to post the past 2 weeks of updates. I have a lot of pictures to download. :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poor Carolina Panthers...

I will say I was very excited that we were going to the game! I mean, how can I not go to see this game for FREE (might I add) without my husband not being too terribly JEALOUS of me. Well, what I say to that, is you have to know the right people. :) My BFF Kelly got me a free pass to see this game that we were so stoked about watching. Hello, playoffs! Then.... after we scored, it went down hill from there.
Apparently, our quarterback, wasn't doing very well for our team, but was doing wonders for the other team. hmmmph. Kelly and I had fun though. She's going through a tough time with things and well, this is the kind of stuff she needs. I'm always a cool person to be around... haha.... :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

He went Potty!!

I know I need to post on my ski/snowboard trip, but I haven't had time to download my pics, so I will do that soon. I did survive it, so that's good right?

What I have to say is so exciting! I have been saying, since Skylar turned 14 months that at 16 months, I will start potty training him. Well, 16 months came and went and I hadn't even bought the potty seats yet. Fast forward a month and I introduce the "potty". I would try before he took a bath and when he woke up. We had two shooting pee accidents, which meant on the floor or on me. Well, tonight I brought him to the toilet, he sat down and then just got back up, nothing....then he sat back down again and drum roll........ peed!!!!!!!!! The toilet he has plays music if you pee. So, when the music went off, he got up quickly and nervously, but I began to clap and then he started to dance to the music naked, ahah! I wished I had that on video. I'm so proud of him. My goal is for him to be completely potty trained by the time he's 2, so we'll see. Now that he knows how this potty thing is supposed to go, we're going to try every time we can. Wish us luck!! I know this might take 6 months, but hey, I have 7 months to work on my little man!!

Also, if you're wondering, my reason of trying to potty train him early, is because right when Skylar turned 6 months, my mom told me to start potty training him. WHAT? Um....Que? Mom (AKA Nanny), then informed me that all 5 of us kids (4 girls and 1 boy) were all potty trained before our 1 year birthday. That's unheard of, but I want to give my mom a big shout out on that, because that's amazing!!! I'll keep you posted on this journey of multiple clothes changing, multiple accident cleaning and running around the house naked. Fun times will be had at the Presnell House!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My sister Ging-ga-ging's going away party...10 thousand dollars!!

Gina is my sister if you haven't already guessed and she's in the navy, going on well, seems like For-Eva! This trip will take her to Egypt. Yep.... BFE. So, while she is over there, enjoying herself and being a tourist and wearing her I Heart Egypt shirt, we had one last hoorah before she left. We had wonderful food with family at my brother John's house, which is more than amazing. I'm severely jealous of all the new renovations they did. Way to go John, since he handled most of the renovations himself. Um....I can paint walls. Wait a second, I can paint STRIPES on walls! So, take that! :) Terry can do much more than me, but this is about the friendly competition between my brother and I. By the way, it's like 100 to 2 regarding the score card between us... He's winning.

Skylar being silly with Yasmine

Where's Skylar?

Mely and Skylar

Playing with cousin Zeb
He LOVED this train set, so now we got to get one too!!
Mely showing Yasmine what to do, but I think Yasmine already knew
Skylar playing Golden Tee with Nanny

Grandpa was making Skylar laugh
I was totally concentrating and kicking bootay! Well...we both cheated when the other person wasn't looking.


Whoops, I forgot I shouldn't be so nice regarding John. I um, received a late Christmas gift, we all did actually and it was lottery scratch off tickets. We could win up to 10,000 dollars too!! Well, I started to scratch it off and guess what? I WON 10 THOU-SAN-D Dollars. (Imagine that with the Dr. Evil Accent) I flipped out and ran upstairs to get John to show him that I won and for him to make sure I did win. Then I hugged him real hard and right when I was doing that, Gina yells, "I won 5,000 dollars!!!" and then I heard my mom had also won 5,000 dollars. Hmmmm, the jig is up.

**That's when I burnt down his house. The end. (That's my happily ever after story)**

Ober Gatlinburg, fun in the fake snow

This was such a fun trip. We never get days away to relax and enjoy ourselves without the little man needing our undivided attention. Not to get me wrong, he is our pride and joy, but once you have a child or have children, you tend to savor those moments that you have for each other alone. :) I was very excited about this trip, because I was going to attempt snowboarding. Fun stuff...NOT... I was not as graceful as I thought I would be. Considering that I thought I could snowboard, because of a little bit of skateboarding I used to do when I would follow around big bro around and thinking I was cool. Well, this did not come in handy when trying this venture now. I was a little less than graceful if you really want to know. The snow and me had a deal. I would always bow down to it and it would kiss me as always. Very wet kisses, aha!

Regardless, my sister is more descriptive and kind in her blog, so click on Gina's blog to read on about that and see the pictures. I didn't take as many pictures, but just these below.

Gina on the tram

Overlooking the town in the tram

On our way back from skiing

We had a fun shopping trip too. We bought a train table for Skylar that we were going to buy for his 2 year birthday, but KB toys is going out of business and well they had one for 50% off and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I mean it's sad they are going out of business, going into to stores like that and trying to be excited for the good buys, but then knowing they won't be there in a few weeks.

The train table is really cool though. It has baskets below it to put all the accessories, it has interchangeable tops for a whiteboard and a chalkboard, a chutes and ladders and checkers game board, a green board for just the trains and then leggo boards to place your leggo creations on it. Plus it provided all the accessories, including the train tracks, train, trees, signs buildings.....very cool stuff. Guess what? Skylar only wants to climb it, aha! Oh well, he will like it as he gets older. Right now it serves as another table, ahah!

Skylar stayed with his Grandma Jewell and Paw paw Olen in Marion for those days we were gone. He was of course spoiled. He ate like a King and played hard until he past out for the night. We didn't forget to bring presents back for Olen and Jewell. We (lol) went to one of their many "As Seen on TV" stores. Side note- my sister Gina said when she was younger, she thought that was the name of a store. haha Anyways, we bought the Sham Wow for Olen and ourselves actually and then we bought the Aqua Globes for Jewell. I sort of wished I bought it now for myself. How cool is that? :)