Saturday, October 31, 2009

When there’s something strange, in your neighborhood….who ya gonna call?



We hope you had a Happy Halloween!!  We sure did!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Forgotten Pictures…

I forgot about these pictures when we went to the fair in Greensboro. My friend won free tickets for the fair, which included the fair admission, parking pass and tickets for the rides and well she couldn’t go, so I got them. :) Ahhh, it pays off to kiss up be nice to your friends, huh? Also, as you can tell, Skylar was masking his enthusiasm, by being well…“Skylar”. :) Ha…I swear we don’t torture him to do things.







Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Off to the "Punkin" Patch...

3790 Color


We had a great weekend. Terry is feeling 100% better and just has a dry cough now. It was tough for me to do everything by myself for basically 2 weeks. I'm just glad Skylar and I dodged the bullet for the time being on getting the flu.

On Sunday, we finally got to go to the pumpkin patch after two weeks of sitting couped up at the house (weather and sickness). So, it was nice to leave and go to a little farm not too far from our house. The last time we went to a pumpkin patch was when Skylar was 3 months old, so needless to say, we were very excited! We went on a hayride as well, but I didn't get any pictures of that while we were riding. I had to make sure my little man didn't try to climb out. :)Here are some pics.

Peek a Boo, I see you…


Sitting on the wheel

Of this big straw tractor.


He plopped on down on the pumpkins.


Riding with my little man on these cows that were being pulled by a tractor. It was too cute!

Skylar amd mommy


Skylar loved this the most. Tractors!!

Needless to say, this is where we stayed at the most.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


A little sneak peek of my little pirate. It’s crazy, but he actually loves his eye patch. He doesn’t care so much for the hat, which I thought would be the other way around. Oh and I knew he would love his sword.

I can’t wait until we can go trick or treating!!

Pirate skylar

Pirate Skylar 2

Monday, October 12, 2009

It’s raining..ugh!

I had this day planned out.  Skylar’s daycare is closed today, so I thought I would take the opportunity to go to a nearby pumpkin patch with him and pick out pumpkins… but the weather decided to spoil our plans. 

We were ready to go too!   Hopefully, we can go this coming weekend, so we can finally decorate our outside for Fall.  DSC_3435

Sunday, October 11, 2009

HAPPY 9 to Yassy-mundo

On Saturday, I went to my mom’s Nanny’s house for my niece Yasmine’s big 9 birthday. It was a sweet little get together. Poor Terry was at home though. He had the flu, that turned into Pneumonia. UGH!! Can you say LYSOL!! Needless to say, we had to do a lot of things without Daddy for fear that we would catch it too.

Yasmine is really growing up to be a sweet and gorgeous girl! I’m such a proud Aunt. :) DSC_3408

The big 9!!


Yasmine’s cake was super yummy. Even though Skylar only allowed me 1 bite!!


Crazy cousins acting goofy and Skylar not letting go of his phone.


It’s really hard to get them all to look at you at the same time though. :)

DSC_3419 At least I tried. :)


Show me your teeth!! This is seriously how I get him to smile in pictures (ON DEMAND!!!) I just say, “Show me your teeth Skylar” and he displays them proudly. Otherwise he just looks at me like I’m a doe doe head. Boys…


My sweet boy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Riding our bi-ca-cul..

Skylar got his little bike for his birthday and would try riding it every so often, but yesterday he decided to really try and ride it. His feet would never cooperate before, but I think he's finally getting the hang of it now. I had to take a little video snippet of him riding.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4...get your booty on the floor

We had a fun and pretty much exhausting weekend! We went to 2 birthday parties that were back to back and not to mention in two different towns that were not close to one another. One party was for our friend's daughter Emma who turned 4. She has really grown into such a gorgeous little girl and she will soon have a baby brother in 2 weeks. I think her mom will tell you that she’s ready now, if you ask her though. :) The weather was perfect Fall weather and Fall was the theme as well. Emma had her own pumpkin patch and you could decorate your own pumpkin and take it home. So cute! Skylar loved playing with all her toys.

party decorations2DSC_3268

Emma’s Pumpkin Birthday cake.

emma and laylaDSC_3289

Taking a picture with the Fall decorations.


Skylar loved this drum set that they had in their living room. I can't believe I'm saying this, but we might get this fun thing. Are we crazy or what?

emmas cake party decorations3 party decorations


The next party was for my adorable nephew Zeb who turned the BIG 3. He had a Power Ranger Theme. Zeb is all boy. He’s so fun and has the cutest little hair cut. He's also expecting a little sister, but he has a few more months to remain the youngest of the Mathis Clan. :) There were so many kids there playing with all of Rex and Zeb's toys which could easily been Toys R Us. :)

zeb with cake

DSC_3358 DSC_3356

You see where he gets his playfulness from. What a cute picture. I tried getting Rex in these pictures too, but he was everywhere like all the other kids playing with everything.

Skylar and ZebDSC_3300



Skylar with his Nanny and Grandpa.

(BTW-We had an outfit change at this point. Skylar was on the playset um….doing his business and since he was in pull ups, the business came out and down both legs and let’s just say while we were cleaning him up, the playset had been hosed down with water, ahah!)