Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hanging with my guy.

Today I took a half day to spend some one on one time with my little guy and because this is the last week that I can either use my days or lose them.  Which in a way stinks, because I actually have a lot of days that I will end up losing, waah.  I saved so many days  over the year for those just incase situations. Oh well.., it’s nothing to complain about that’s for sure.  My new rule is to take more vacations!!

Anyhoo, dress up for girls looks like so much fun I’ve noticed.  I mean you got princess dresses, cute shoes and all the accessories to match of course!  But there is nothing like dressing up as a super hero.  Smile

dress up day (2 of 4)

He was directly under the tarp and the sun was hitting it in such a way, that’s he’s slightly green/yellow, hah!

dress up day (1 of 4)

This picture made me realize that maybe we should upgrade to some new swings.  We did go to Lowes right afterwards and Skylar of course wore his costume as well with his snow boots for the full effect.  Smile

dress up day (4 of 4)

Better not mess with him!  He’s Ironman!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our family outing and search for clues..

Today we participated in the Fink's Diamond Dash downtown Greensboro today.  Although it was SUPER cold, we had a fun family outing.  It was 300 teams of 2 (or 3 in our case, since we had Skylar in tow) and the object of the game was finding the clues that were texted to our phones and answering them correctly for points.  Everyone had the same clues, just not in the same order, so we weren't all following each other, lol.  We had to search all over Greensboro (downtown that is) by foot.  Meaning no cars, scooters, roller skates....you get the idea. 
Oh, the scavenger hunt prize was for a $15,000 Ritani diamond ring hidden somewhere in the downtown area by Fink's jewelers.  So, you can see why I REALLY wanted to play, haha.  Terry and Skylar was just there to be there.
We tried our best, but in the video below you will see how our 3rd teammate slowed us down a little... lol.
Oh and I might will be famous too, since I was interviewed by the local newspaper.  Not sure if they will print it or not.  :)   

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are you a lefty or a righty? Or are you Ambidextrous?

Skylar has been practicing his letters recently and we’re so proud, because he will actually say, “I want to do my homework.”  Homework to him is him practicing his letter writing in his write and erase book we got at good ole wally world.  He can trace, write and practice his letter writing and he thinks it’s fun!! 

Anyhoo, he switches back and forth from left to right, but I think he’s left handed just like me.  When he writes with his right hand, the letters aren’t as neat, but when he writes with his left hand, they seem neater and precise.  Not that they are perfect, lol… but I can see the differences.  I used to be the same way when I was kid, but now I just write or eat with my left hand and I do everything else with my right hand.  (sports, cutting with the scissors, drinking from the cup…)   It’s fun to watch him and see what he will end up being.

What are you and are your kids a lefty or a righty? 

writing our letters (1 of 3)

It cracks me up how he holds his marker.  I try to show him a more comfortable way, but he doesn't want to listen to me.   

writing our letters (2 of 3)

His sweet “B”, all by himself. 

writing our letters (3 of 3)

I’m so proud!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Soccer Sunday…That’s the real sport of the weekend…

Darn “Targheels”!!

So, we started soccer today.  We were supposed to start last Sunday, but we were rained out, so we were very excited (“we” as in me) to play today.  I take that back, Skylar was excited too, just as long as he got a prize afterwards.  What’s up with that?  UGH!  Anyhoo…Skylar is a very shy boy at first, so of course I expected a little clinginess.  I think as we continue to play this season, he will love it.  I got a lot of “I don’t want to play, because my belly hurts” or “my knee hurts.”  ALREADY, at 3 years of age!  I did get some “action” shots though. 

1 (1 of 1)

This was the beginning of the practice/game.  He was really into it, only because he didn’t have to to play with the other kids yet. 

6 (1 of 1)

It was go time here.  He was focused and ready. hahah

we got a lot of this (1 of 1)

Then we got this, ahah…

2 (1 of 1)

Skylar kicking off with the other kids. 

3 (1 of 1)

4 (1 of 1)

He’s looks so determined here.

5 (1 of 1)

what really happened (1 of 1)

This is really how the game went once we finished practicing.  Skylar had his back to the kids, some kids were on the ground picking grass and then you have kids who think they are playing basketball.  It should be an interesting season to say the least.

Remember the movie Space Balls?


That’s what I think of every time Skylar puts his Star Warz helmet on.  It’s too funny.  Skylar got this for Christmas and I laugh every time he puts it on.  It’s a little top heavy, don’t you think?  Smile

This helmet is actually pretty cool.  It has a voice disguiser, so Skylar likes using that and talking to us and being silly.  Oh, and don’t mind his mix matched pajamas and breakfast stained shirt. jeeesh.  Typical at our household though.

star warz2 (1 of 1)

star warz (1 of 1)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lazy Saturday

We didn’t do a thing today, except watch the game..actually, I watched bits and pieces, but mainly stayed outside with Skylar.  I’m still a die hard Tar heel fan though.  As Skylar would say, “Go Targheels”.  I guess he’s thinking of Target and yes, that’s one of my favorite stores.  Smile 

inside working on our tools (1 of 1)

See that picture in the background?  Yeah, well I bought it about 4 weeks ago and we finally put it up today.  So, this is Skylar playing with his tools in the room when he saw that his daddy brought his in there as well.  See, we get around to doing things. 

tools (1 of 1)

Yep, I swear I clean his mouth, but he tends to always have something on his face.  Messy eater. 

Gator time (1 of 1)

Skylar is so easy to take pictures of now.  He will smile all the time for me, BUT I have to snap them quick, because I will get this as well. 

funny face2 (1 of 1)

funny face (1 of 1)

This always cracks me up, because I tend to make this face too. 

gator up close (1 of 1)

But, I always get my favorite picture after about 1 million shots. 

Tomorrow we start soccer, I hope he likes it!  Smile  I’ll keep you posted. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Visits and such…

A couple weekends back my BFF Kelly came down from PA to visit and our other friends Emily and Jennifer made their way to our house too, so we could all catch up with each other and our children. 

This little big guy is Jennifer’s 6 month old.  He was a sweet and happy camper.  Skylar didn’t mind holding on to him.  Sweet huh?

Skylar and Jacob (1 of 1)

Seriously, the best I could get of Crawford (Emily's son) and Skylar was this below.  I can’t believe I didn’t get any of Caroline (Emily’s 10 mth old).  Sad smile


It was a fun visit.  I miss my friends.  I do wished we lived closer together. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My inspiration…

One of my BFF’s sent me her pictures of the mural that she painted (no tracing) by hand with NO help from anyone, as a stay at home mom, who has a very active 16 month old son and a 5 year old girl in preschool 4 days (that are 1/2 days) out of the week. Um….can you say wonder woman…She’s amazing….oh and she did this in 5 days.  I kid you not!   She painted from floor to ceiling on all the walls, “Where The Wild things are”.



She was still painting here.



Matt made those kitchen cabinet for Emma and installed them on the wall…..

I know…Can you say talented?


So, she inspired me to finally get off my bootay and paint the sign that I have been talking about for over a year now in Skylar’s room.  Ta-da….it took me about 3 hours….that would be me, eating cookies, watching tv with Terry, going back in the room to paint a line, then playing with Skylar, then painting another line and then finishing it.  Yep 3 hours….  Whoooo, I did it.  Smile  ok ok…I’m not like my amazing artist friend…but hey….at least it inspired me right? 



Can you say MIA…wait, do I hear crickets?

Wow, what can I say?  MIA for sure…  let’s see for the excuses, hmmm… laziness, sickness, boredom, non picture taking, remodeling, some picture taking, writers block, DVR catch ups (Loving One Tree Hill again), laziness, losing 7 lbs in 1 day from sickness, then was happy!!!, then gained those 7 lbs back, then was sad and then laziness.  Oh and the computer died on me for 2 weeks and I just got it back.  Smile

This is what we have been doing though on the weekends.

Nutty Bars (1 of 1)