Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Terry!

Terry is the big 3-1! hahah's all down hill from 21 isn't it? :) Nah life is good and neither one of us can complain. Well....only when Skylar isn't feeling well and no one gets any sleep (like last night). :0) We didn't do anything special, as once you have a kid, the thrill of a birthday party or tons of presents isn't a major priority for us both. I mean presents are always fun and cake is great...who am I kidding, birthday parties and presents are always a blast!!

We didn't have a birthday party, but we had wonderful guests for the weekend. Terry's mom and stepdad were on their way back from the beach and stopped by our house and stayed the weekend. We had a lot of fun, because they love spending time with Skylar and I love seeing our family love on Skylar as much as we do. It's nice to have family like that. Skylar got a bunch of new toys (like we need more toys, ahah) but he was happy with the change. He got a lot of funny Myrtle Beach shirts too. Actually, it sounds like it was Skylar's birthday, haah!
Skylar's new b-ball goal. (he just likes to move it all over the room, ah!)
Also, we had Skylar's 2nd and very much needed haircut on Friday. He did so well and it's so much shorter this time around. I was brave and said just cut it! :) I gelled it and he looks so grown up. What a big boy! Last weekend when he was a hippy
Big change huh?
I'm liking this gel thing.

I finally got a smiling, but mischievious smile from him.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another update

This past weekend, we found out that Terry's cousin Tim Duncan was killed in a freak accident. He was 41 and has a wife with two young children ages 12 and 7. He was a highly admired and well known individual in the Marion town community. I would often joke to Terry about his cousin's name, because unless you lived under a rock, the other Tim Duncan is a NBA player and former Wake player. Tim's death is a really sad story. As he was guiding his father who was driving the RV to hook up to the SUV, his father's foot slipped and instead of hitting the breaks, he hit the accelerater. Tim was in the path of the RV. It's just a sad situation for all, as Tim's dad suffered chest pains immediately after he learned that his son had died. I just hope that his father can find peace within himself and know that this was just a tragic accident. Please keep the Duncan's and Presnell's in your prayers. Below is the link for the story and it shows a picture of Tim. Tim also, in my opinion looks very similar to Terry. My heart aches for his children.

Writer's block

I just don't feel interesting right now, so I will just post some pics of Skylar from the weekend. :)

I gave him a treat, but let's just say he didn't hold it right.

Notice the newborn infant tooth brush? He chews on this now and carries it around the house.

Getting messier.

All Gone...

and ready to terrorize!

Skylar and Ralph hanging out, but Skylar looks like he is up to no good.

Chillin in his chair ....sort of. I don't think he understands the concept of sitting in his chair.

Skylar with his first cousin Zeb who is 10 months older, but you wouldn't know it! They are exactly the same size and wear the same size shoe, aha!

I think these boys are going to be best of friends

Skylar and his Uncle John John

Monday, September 15, 2008

Graduation parties, birthday times!

We had a great weekend, but yet again...short! Where does the time go? We look forward to Friday coming and then next thing you know, it's Sunday. :) I guess time flies when you're having fun right?

We had a babysitter on Friday night and were so happy to leave Skylar in the capable hands of one of my co-workers, Miss Ashley. She babysits on the side and does so well with babies and children that I thought, why not? Skylar was flirting with her right off and acting really shy too. Too funny! I didn't feel bad leaving him, since he didn't seem bothered that we were leaving. We went to W-S to meet up with the Usual Suspects crew to celebrate Jamie's graduation from WFU. She received her MBA and was top of her class. Although she will tell she doesn't know for sure, I KNOW she was! :) She's one of my smartest friends. Congrats Jamie!!

The Crew!

Layla and Reggie

Saturday was another fun filled day. First off, it was HOTTT! :) What is it with the weather we're having? I'm ready for Fall! We went to Crawford's 1st Birthday. He looked so cute and was spoiled with tons of toys! I'm sure his mom and dad love that!

Skylar played a little too hard. While there were toys to play or a ball pit that he loves to play in as we have one as well (Thanks Grandma Jewell and Papaw Olen again), he wanted to play with the dog house. Oh lord! Skylar ended up being the sweatiest kid with a super red face from playing hard! He had a great day though. No naps ofcourse and then that led to the meltdown later, so we had to skip out on our visits to our friends in W-S and my nephew's soccer game. We really wanted to go, but the sun drained us all.

Loving the ball

Thank goodness that Skylar was able to get one as a favor gift. He loved it!

Look how sweaty he is, ahha!

It's time to go, look at whose tired.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The chaos that surrounded my diaper bag

The craziest thing happened today. Terry, Skylar and I did a bit of window shopping and went to garden ridge on our last stop. As we arrived home, I realized that my diaper bag was missing. I hate to say how angry I was, but I was mad (I won't go in to detail...but "someone" was supposed to put that in the car as I strapped Skylar in his seat.) Anyhoo... Terry high tailed it back to garden ridge in hopes that it was still in the shopping cart. He called the store on his way there and the cashier told him that someone turned it in (thank goodness,there are some nice people in this world!!) and that it will be waiting for him when he got there. He arrived and the cashier told him that it wasn't there anymore. she didn't know where it was and that she will take his name and number and give him a call about it. Terry didn't let that fly since he just called 5 minutes prior and it was there. So, he asked to speak to a manager. The manager said for them to check the security cameras and sure enough, one of the associates there,took the bag, clocked out and left. ALL on camera. So, the manager called the associate and asked her about it and she said she was coming back in. At this point, the manager was nervous, because he thought she might have been stashing money in that bag from the register she was working and so he called the cops also. The girl came in and lied to Terry's face saying the "owner" (me) called her to have her meet me somewhere so I could get it back. First off, Terry use to be an Counter Intellegence Interrogator for the US Army for 6 years and dealt with people who lie and knows when they are. (I try not to lie too much to him, like...I didn't take the last donut and things like that...because he's really good at what he does and would totally catch me lying. ha!) Anyways, she was caught in a few lies and needless to say, we got the bag back. The manager asked if we wanted to press charges, but Terry didn't and he shouldn't have since really, he left it there and someone turned it in. In a way, I feel bad for the girl who stole it. She's young and was about to get fired (Terry didn't stay for that) and if she stole money from the store, they were going to charge her with a felony for embezzeling money. Wait, why am I feeling sorry for her... That's crazy huh? All of this happened over this cute bag I got as a baby gift.

Sun, Fun and Tropical Storm Hanna...

We had a great and much needed vacation!! Although, we did end it one day short, because of Hanna approaching (voluntary evacuations already were in place), we still had a ball! I'll try and post the pics in order. :) WARNING PIC HEAVY!! No smiles from Skylar...there goes that modeling career. ;)
Um Terry, can you see out the back window?
I think we packed a little too much
You're not looking very happy
I guess I will be happy for us all, woo hoo, Myrtle Beach here we come!

I think we packed a little too much. I remember going last year when I was 35 weeks preggers (by the way, we went during senior week and didn't realize, we kept saying "Senior Week 2007, woo hoo"haha...I'm sure that looked good with my huge belly, and pretending to be a graduating senior), back to my story (I go off on tangents) we packed 2 bags and brought Ralphie and that was plenty last year. So, we had our jeep packed full this time as you can see above. Kids sure do come with a lot of things. We only have 1 baby too, human that is, since Ralphie is our fur baby! Poor Ralph got boarded this time at his vet, since our hotel didn't allow pets. :(

On our way to Myrtle, we made a detour to Holden Beach to see Terry's Grandma Lucille. They live 3 miles from Holden Beach and they don't even go! The convenience is nice all the same. Man, they have it made. :) She gave us a plant that I was admiring off her front porch. I was reluctant to take it, because we don't have much luck with outdoor plants as we do indoors, but she insisted, so we accepted. She is such a sweet lady. Of course Skylar was giving his Blue Steel pose when pictures were being taken.

Once we got to the Hotel, we slipped on our suits and headed straight for the beach. Surprisingly to us, Skylar loved the beach. He wasn't scared of the sound of the waves and he didn't mind the sand as later on he tried to eat it. :)The video below shows him approaching the waves.

The waves had a calming effect on him.
Profile shot of father and son. Terry said don't judge him for not shaving, as he said this is vacation time!

Hiding from us and trying to eat the sand at the same time.

He also loved walking on the sand, which I thought would be much harder to do with it not being a flat surface. I don't think that phased him one bit.

He loved wetting his feet

I swear he loves eatting nutter butters. He can eat those all day.
Although a typical Skylar pose above, he did love the lazy river see below
I love this shot of Terry and Skylar approaching the waves

Below is the playground pics at Broadway at the Beach
Terry rode with Skylay on this ferris wheel thing for the kiddies
Skylar trying to climb out, typical boy

Holding him up for this pose was harder than I thought
Here we are at a pizza restaurant, sort of like Chuckie Cheese, but way better!!

Outside our hotel and geting ready to walk the strip.

The many faces of Skylar...

Our last night, since we decided to leave early

We had a great time and we had a ton more pictures, but I think I overloaded you enough. After I uploaded these pics, I realized that maybe a slide show would have been easier, ahah! We can't wait to go back next year. Now I need to start my diet, because let's just say we ate very very well!!