Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!!

So, today is Terry's birthday!! He doesn't like me taking pictures of him anymore, just like me actually... haah, so no new pictures. Just old..haha

Happy Birthday Honey!!

I think he was 3 here.

College Picture. :)

Another post of the many faces of Skylar..

This is his pirate smile. Guess what he's going to be for Halloween?

I love his swing shots, he always smiles for me when I'm taking pictures! If I only could swing him everywhere....that would come in handy!

Let's hope the Panthers win tomorrow. We'll see... Skylar thinks they will!

The love of our life!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthday Fun

I've been a little behind in posting...ok a lot behind in posting, but we are some busy folks people! :)
This past weekend, we went to a birthday party for an adorable little boy named Crawford. He turned 2 and was loving every minute of his Train themed day.

Skylar also had a ball and played non stop, just like the other kids. Check out the adorable party decorations and pictures.

The sweet 2 year old Crawford.

The favors were train hats, a train whistle, a train sucker and bubbles. Skylar loved his whistle. Um...thanks Emily.

The bounce house barn was the big hit.

I'm going to get you!!

I love this picture. This pretty much just summed up our day.

Crawford had such a cute cake and cupcakes.

Cupcakes and pizza. A great combo!!

He said he was 2! :)

Time to go home. Thanks for inviting us Crawford!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pics 3pm, I got the call from Daycare that's he's still not feeling well, ugh!!! Anyhoo, I'm at home with Skylar. Below are some pictures that I forgot about.

Skylar never falls asleep, unless he's in his crib, so I had to snap this pic of him snoozing.

He is obsessed with shoes, so naturally he would get my heels out.

He loves his snow boots. It goes with any outfit, ha!

Skylar wears his big boy underwear when we come home from daycare. He's a boxer-brief kind of boy. We're doing pretty well with this potty thing too. He hasn't pooped in the potty yet, but he lets us know after the fact. So, we're going in the right direction, right?

I made chocolate suckers for Skylar's birthday party and my mom gave me this chocolate to melt. It's huge huh?

Strutting his stuff

This picture is actually from this morning. He wanted to watch Dora (we DVR) while I was getting ready. He doesn't look sick here does he? Poor guy.

It's been a week...

This week has been a whirlwind of ups and downs, mainly downs in Skylar's case.

On Monday, we had Skylar's ear surgery for the second time. He had this same procedure of tubes being inserted in his ears, when he was 8 months old. Since May, June or July of this year, both tubes finally came out. (They usually stay in for a year to a year and a half.) Anyways, since they were so small, I had no idea they were out. BUT, we did notice the constant ear infections from there, so we put it together. He also had his Adenoids taken out as well. Apparently, they were extemely large and were needed to be taken out. This is supposed to help him and only a small percent still will have constant problems. We're hoping we are not in that small percent. We shall see right?

He did SOO well after the surgery on Monday. Talking up a storm, eating up a storm and playing like he was Tornado Skylar. You should have seen his playroom. Like my storm talking here, huh?

On to Tuesday, he was a little warm, nothing to be concerned about, right? Flash forward to Tuesday night and then the high fever came into play. Poor guy cried on and off through out the night and didn't go to daycare on Wednesday.

High note- My brother and his wife Holly, found out they are expecting a girl. I wonder what she will look like. Normally, I would say she would look like John (at least have his complextion), but then I look at Skylar. LOL... no one expected that.

On Wednesday, I took the morning off and then Terry took the afternoon off to stay home and take care of him. We scheduled a doctor's visit, because we weren't sure if this was because of the tubes or what? Of course the result was that he may have a viral infection and of course the remedy for that is to let it run it's course. I mean, come on now! Give me something to work with here.

Today he seems to be better, so he's at daycare. I hope he has a much better day. I will say this, on our way to daycare, I was trying to belt out a Sarah McLachlan song in the car. You know, where Skylar is the only one in the audience at my high profile concert?

Our conversation as follow:
Skylar- "Momma!!"
Me- "What?"
Skylar- "Stop it mommy!"

I mean, obviously he doesn't know talent when he hears it. :) Who died and made him Simon Cowell. Seriously.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's a girl!!

For my brother John and his wife Holly, as today was the day they found out the big news!! I am so excited and extremely...and I mean extremely jealous!! I love little babies!! Now we will have another little girl to spoil (we already have my niece Yasmine), so I am super excited!!!

Oh yeah, did I mention that I'm a tad jealous?