Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 5

Today has been much better. Things are slowly but surely getting better. Skylar is sleeping a little more, so Pamela and I are sleeping more. All night we fed Skylar with formula after he nursed to keep his weight up.

We had another Dr appointment today, and it went really well. Skylar has gained back a few extra ounces! Pamela's milk has not come in yet, but it should be the next couple days. According to the Dr we should continue to breast feed and "finger feed" with a tube for a couple more days. This is going to put the weight back on him pretty quick.

Pamela's parents have been great, and have been here every night to bring us dinner. There is no substitute for her mom's cooking!!!

You can't tell but my shirt say's.."If you think I'm cute, you should see my daddy". I think you know which one of us is writting this blog:)

Daddy and me....daddy looks tired, but I'm ready to go!

Sleepytime with mom

Day 4 (30th)

We were able to go to his first Doctor's appointment today. Everything is fine, the only cause of concern was that he has still lost a few more ounces. He now weighs in at 6.14 lbs. The Doctor says there is no need to worry, that once Pamela's milk comes in (could be a day or 2) he will be fine. We have started feeding him supplements after nursing to give him a few more calories. This should do the trick. We have a follow up Dr appointment tomorrow, and we'll see from there.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wow we are on our way home!! We are so ready to get outta here.

Day 3

Today has been just as great as the previous 2. Pamela received word that she is doing great, and we could go home! Everything was going great, and Skylar had lost a few oz's, he is now 7.5 pounds. According to the Dr. this is very normal. (his ole man needs to take lessons)

We were discharged and home by 3:30 pm. Skylar was sleeping pretty much the rest of the day. We were helped out by both sets of Grandparents, and without them, we would not have received a much needed nap!

This night, Skylar was much better than the night before, however, still a long sleepless night! I think there is a pattern starting to develop...

PS...we now know that we need to buy many more sets of mittens, Skylar loves to dig at his face with his Freddy Kruger nails!

Day 2

Well today, July 28th, was a joyful day! Pamela was actually able to see Skylar's beautiful face for the first time. She was out like a light after the C-Section, and could not even see her precious little man. She was in labor for so many hours.

We had many visitors, although Pamela was in and out of it, she and baby Skylar were happy to see everyone!

I have to say, Skylar is GREAT!!! He is the best little baby! This was our first night with him, and we were able to keep him in our room the entire night. The only drawback to this was he had his circumcision earlier in the day, and was not in the best mood. (it also didn't help out that our nurse was in and out all night) Not much sleep going on this day, but who cares!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Grandpa and me

My Grandpa holding me for the first time.

Grandma and me

Grandma Jewell holding me at the hospital.

Nanny time

My first day with Nanny.

I love sitting with my Grandad.

Friday, July 27, 2007

This is a picture of Mom after the Good Medicine!

This is a picture of mommy before the medicine kicked in! Not fun!

Our Big Day!

Skylar Benjamin Presnell finally made his appearance!!! Pamela started to feel contractions on her due date (July 26th), and went to the hospital early Friday morning (3am) and was admitted, since her water had broken. She was in labor for 18+ hours and at the last minute, they decided that he was not going to be able to come out the way his head was positioned....so to spare you all the gory details, Pamela had an emergency C-Section. (NOT FUN!)

Skylar was born at 6:12 pm on Friday and he weighed 7 lbs 9.3 oz's at 21" long. He had a full head of brown hair with beautiful blue eyes! He is just perfect and we love him so much!! We are all just doing great...well considering (not Pamela), but she'll recover soon. We are just enjoying our little bundle of joy! BTW..I cut the cord! I had to have an epidoral to do it, but I did it.

I want to thank everyone for their emails and calls. We'll be answering the phone again really soon. Here are a couple of pictures for now. I hope everyone is doing well. Probaby next week after we had some time to rest and recover from surgery, we will be having company...Pamela's not in the best shape at the moment. We hope everyone understands. We'll update more when we can.

We're on our way...

Pamela and I at our house at 2:45am Friday morning. We are getting ready to go to the hospital to start the labor process.