Sunday, February 28, 2010

Show me your sweet face!

silly skylar2 silly skylar

Skylar is so cute when he wants to be.  I was asking him to make a sweet face and to put his hands on his face and this is what I got.  Cute huh?

Also, we’re starting to transition his toddler bed into a big boy full bed.  :)  Our crib is a 3 in 1 set, so it’s great that we can transition it from a crib, to a toddler bed and then to a full size bed too.  We will have him use this set until we have another baby.  Then Skylar will get his big boy bunk bed set, that we have eyed for about 2 years now, lol!  I’m a planner.  :)

We bought the bedding already for his bed this weekend, thinking we were going to transition his bed this weekend, but we didn’t know that we had to buy the wood slats for his bed to convert it.  It’s a cherry wood sleigh bed and in order to have the foot board attached, we need those wood slats.  So eventually and hopefully soon, his room will be complete.  We’re keeping the wall color in his room as Carolina Blue (Go Heels, we beat Wake), because it’s a good contrast with the darker blues from his bedding.  It’s already starting to look un-babyish. 

Sweet and sad at the same time.  Tear…  I’ll post pics when it’s done.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nice weather equals swing time!

You know it’s nice outside when I’m taking the usual Skylar pics of him swinging on the swing.  He is so much fun!  He laughs and talks and squeals and well is just a hoot!  My little boy steals my heart!  We are laughing all the time, because of his demeanor.  He’s a regular comedian.

face 1   face 4

Skylar was laughing and yelling and then laughing again, because I was pushing him fast and then I was saying, I’m gonna get cha!! He’s very animated. 

face 5  swinging happy

The many faces of Skylar!

face 3  swinging happy 3


Seriously, I can just eat him up!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Cake #2

Ok, so I actually improved from last week.  :)  Skylar was dying to get into this tonight.  Too bad it was his bed time.  :) 

Terry, on the other hand….

   clown cake

Saturday, February 13, 2010

When the circus comes to town, off we go!

We have been super pumped about the circus!  I knew a lot of people going too and I didn’t see not one of my friends, lol.  I was too fixated on the show I guess.  It was amazing!  My sister Gina, my brother John, Rex, Zeb, Skylar, Terry and I went.  My niece Yasmine fell ill that morning with a stomach bug, so she didn’t get to go.  I was so sad about that, but as the saying goes, the show must go on.  So, there you go. 

 family shot

Is that a tiger?

Skylar had a super red mouth from drinking this slushy that his dad got suckered into buying.  Skylar also suckered my sister Gina into buying him a little light up toy that cost a whopping 22 dollars.  I mean…crazy!  That’s where they get ya!

 Gina and Rex

Gina posing with Rex and you can’t tell from here, but she is wearing her Glee sweatshirt.  I would make fun of her, but I LOVE that show and I was like….dang, where can I get my sweatshirt?

john and fam

John had the boys, while Holly stayed home with sweet Piper.  We missed you Holly!

The above pictures were from intermission.  I took some pictures, but I was really into the show, so not too many.  :)   I wanted to make sure I took it all in.  If you never been to a circus before, I suggest that you go.  My “can’t sit still for a minute” Skylar, sat still and was fixated the entire time, eating popcorn and drinking super red slushy.  I mean, what else can a little boy ask for?  I loved seeing him like that. Those moments never happen in public.  I mean, never.

 entrance 1



tall guyelephants2  

There was so many neat things.  I tried to capture moments and then forget. 


The finale was awesome!

 Zeb sleeping skylar fixated

Poor Zeb had enough at this point.  Not Skylar…he could not sleep a wink.  :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cake classes

So….I'm taking a cake decorating class.  I’m horrible by the way, but I plan to post pictures every once in a while.  I hope to be great…it’s all about trial and error.  :) I unfortunately, seen more error, lol.  I do like making my own icing and then coloring it.  It’s really neat. 


Skylar enjoyed my cake.  :)  As you can see, he was on a major sugar rush. 




Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthdays Galore!!

This weekend had been very busy with birthdays.  We celebrated my mom’s 63rd birthday, my brother John’s 37th birthday, my sister Veronica’s 43rd birthday and my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday. 

Saturday night after the baby shower, I met up with my family at the Olive Garden.  I love the Olive Garden and I never get to go, because the wait is always an hour to 2 hours long.  All the time.  So, when my sister called and told me that we were eating there, I was pretty excited.  The wait was only 15 minutes, but we were there at 4:30, lol.  Right at 5:30, the wait turned to 1 hour.  So, it was nice to get there early. 

I didn’t take, but a few pictures, because well…I was eating my favorite meal, which is Chicken Marsala.  YUM!!

OG Family

Trying to be sneaky again, but most knew my ways, lol!


I wished I had a better picture of Yasmine, but she went to the spa with Gina and got her hair done, Her makeup done, she had a mani/pedi and she got some new shoes.  She looked so cute!  She’s growing up so fast, tear…


We love some cookie cakes!

olive garden

Only missing Veronica and dad in this picture. We are always missing people, dang it!  :)


On Sunday, we celebrated my Grandmother’s 90th birthday.  She’s so cute and sweet.  She said her birthday was the best day she’s ever had. :)

My grandmother definitely took precedence over everyone’s birthday, lol!  That’s a huge milestone and my sister Gina traveled from Egpyt to plan it all.  My part was to make the invites and mail them out.  Wooo… done and check.  :)  I am not the party planner my sister is, so that worked out for me. :)  I stress too much, or so Terry tells me.  Gina got H1N1 over Christmas, so she couldn’t come home, so we were super happy to see her come home.  She hasn’t seen Piper yet, so that was another big thing we had going on.  I mean, can you say busy month? 

Grandmother's invite blog

Terry was in charge of the slide show, while my sister gave her speech, so therefore…I was in charge of “never can sit still for a minute” Skylar, so I didn’t take but a couple of pictures.  Waaah. 

DSC_5218 grandmother2

I was able to have Skylar wear his hat, the ENTIRE time we were there.  How you ask?  Gummy worms!  Works 50% of the time, all the time.  :)  (Anchorman) LOL

 gina speech speech

Speech time, at this point Skylar was restless, so we left and walked the hallways.  I wished I saw all the speeches, ha!


My Dad, my Aunt Ann and my Grandmother getting ready to cut into the cake.


Again, the Skyster can’t sit still for a minute. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Babies babies babies…

Oh, I wished I was talking about myself, lol!  I have hit baby fever high with so many of my friends pregnant and then work friends on top of that who are pregnant and just recently I co-hosted a shower for my friend Katie in W-S, and well..I’m surprised Terry cares to be around me as much as I talk about it. :)

Katie is expecting a baby boy next month.  I hope he waits to come too, but he might have other plans.  Katie's on bed rest, but she came to the shower  and was having contractions every 8 minutes.  That’s dedication right there!  :)  It even snowed a little that morning too.  Anyhoo, here are a few pictures from the shower. 


Of course I was right there to take a picture of her as she arrived. :)  I’m sneaky like that!

Katie's invitations for blog

I actually made these invites and they turned out really cute.  :)  Tooting my own horn...I know….tacky. :) 

cake with katie DSC_5198

Katie posing with her cake and then after all the presents were opened, she was pooped!  She made a belt out of all the ribbons.  Very fashionable. : )

cupcake box

One of the co-hosters (is that even correct, lol) made these adorable cupcake booties and I had to take a picture, because I am taking notes and will try and do this for the next shower I host or attend. :)  So cute!


group shot

The picture below is of my W-S gang, minus Layla.  With the crazy weather, they decided to leave earlier than expected to go on their Disney trip, just incase it started to snow again.  Hasn’t it been a crazy month for snow?  Yikes! 

kaite's shower

(Me, Katie, Angela, Tracy and Jamie)