Saturday, August 4, 2007

Day 7

Today Skylar is one week old! He is doing very good and is actually sleeping very well. He had yet another Dr appointment with Dr Kribbs today, and yay he gained some weight! He is almost back to his birth weight, so that is great.

We are super excited and very happy that he is gaining weight. He is now eating 2 ounces of formula, and whatever Pamela can pump. We are still very optomistic about her ability to breast feed, so we are not giving up. As the Dr says, he sucks like a champ, so introducing him to the bottle is not going to be an issue.

So we are going to go through the weekend, and see how he takes to the bottle, and formula, and we have yet another Dr appt to see how much he has gained again. The next appointment is Tuesday, so lets keep our fingers crossed. We also want to see if Pamela's milk will come in this weekend as well....

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit the family today, and we are soo exicted that they are here, it is also noted that Skylar is very exicted to see them. They are going to stay here all weekend and we are very happy to get some help from them.

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