Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pics 3pm, I got the call from Daycare that's he's still not feeling well, ugh!!! Anyhoo, I'm at home with Skylar. Below are some pictures that I forgot about.

Skylar never falls asleep, unless he's in his crib, so I had to snap this pic of him snoozing.

He is obsessed with shoes, so naturally he would get my heels out.

He loves his snow boots. It goes with any outfit, ha!

Skylar wears his big boy underwear when we come home from daycare. He's a boxer-brief kind of boy. We're doing pretty well with this potty thing too. He hasn't pooped in the potty yet, but he lets us know after the fact. So, we're going in the right direction, right?

I made chocolate suckers for Skylar's birthday party and my mom gave me this chocolate to melt. It's huge huh?

Strutting his stuff

This picture is actually from this morning. He wanted to watch Dora (we DVR) while I was getting ready. He doesn't look sick here does he? Poor guy.

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Swiders said...

What a beautiful smile!! Sky is such a sweet looking little boy - precious!