Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Logan!

On Saturday, we went to see our dear friends Jamie and Kevin to help celebrate their sweet daughter Logan's 1st birthday!  She was too cute.  Skylar had a blast of course.  Anywhere, where there is cake, sign him up!

Logans cup

right hand chalk left hand chalk

Skylar draws, colors and writes with both hands, but he throws with his left. I think we have a lefty, just like his mom!  He was throwing balls, acorns, corn hole…. all at mom and dad of course, lol.

soccer ball

ty camy

Ty on the left was being too cute.  When he was playing with his dad on corn hole, he made it nearly impossible for his dad to win.  His sister Camy is younger than Skylar but could totally beat him up, if she wanted to, aha!  She played with the big boys and wore sunglasses the whole time.  She is such a hoot to be around.  Sometimes when she wasn’t looking up, she would grab my legs and hold on. Then she would look up at me and then walk away, when she realized I wasn’t Layla, ha!  Where’s the love, I ask?

logan bw with the cake before  logan bw with the cake

Clean and before she dug into the cake and then after she got into the cake.  I think she was pretty happy. 

logan hands

happy logan happy mom and dad

Happy Birthday Logan!  Thanks for inviting us!


Swiders said...

Thanks for taking these beautiful pictures!! You are so good with the camera. We're so glad you guys were there to celebrate Lo's big day with us - we love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics of Miss Logan's party!

The Presnell's said...

Thanks! We had an awesome time! Skylar was so tuckered out after that. He enjoyed himself, that's for sure! :)

The Lau Fam said...

Those pics are great!! You're getting REALLY good with that camera!

Crystal Johnson said...

Looks like a super fun party! Skylar is too cute for words. We really need to play a play date 1/2 way (maybe that Lazy Ranch place????)!

The Presnell's said...

I would love that Crystal! When it gets a little warmer, maybe next month or May, lets do that. :)

Anonymous said...

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