Friday, June 18, 2010

Recent cakes…

I love making cakes, but I especially love licking the bowl clean eating the leftover icing and cake that was trimmed off.  :) 

birthday cake-1

I made this cake for one of Terry’s co-worker’s wife and daughter’s birthday.  The client said he wanted a chocolate cake with white icing.  So, I improvised and added a little more to it.  :)  (It’s vanilla butter cream icing and filling and fudge chocolate cake with sugar flowers)


cake for charity-1

I made this cake last night actually for one of my friends at work who needed cakes for the Jimmy V charity foundation this weekend.  I hope it raises some money for them. 

(Vanilla/Almond butter cream icing, banana cream filling and yummy strawberry cake with sugar flowers made with love for this charity)

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Crystal Johnson said...

Thanks to you, my computer has holes in where I tried to poke my fork into one of your yummy looking cakes! The flavor combinations sound divine and you did such a great job decorating them! Wanna do a beach ball for Ben's birthday:)I was lazy and just ordered Cupcake pics off Etsy.

Love the pic of Skylar below! He is sooo cute!