Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Marker the Elf is on the loose…

And watching over Skylar to make sure he’s good. 

Recently we received a package from the North Pole and Skylar was eager to open it, I mean… it did come from Santa himself and all. 

box2 (1 of 1)box (1 of 1)

This package travelled all over the world before it was delivered to us. santas message (1 of 1)

Santa even left Skylar a message.

santa's seal (1 of 1)

Santa’s official seal

opening the book (1 of 1)

Inside was a book and Santa’s elf that will be watching Skylar through out the day and who will report to Santa at the North Pole at night.  Skylar named him Marker Laughing out loud, but appropriately so.  Marker will be “marking” him naughty or nice.  (actually I think there was a marker or pen that was nearby and that’s how he came up with that original name, ha) 

book (1 of 1)

Skylar knows that everyday when Marker returns he will be in a new spot in the house.  So Skylar has to be aware that Marker is always watching.

elf (1 of 1)

Hey Marker!!

To learn more about Elf on Shelf, please click here.


Jess, Sam, Elyse & Hadley Mickle said...

cute idea!

Crystal Johnson said...

How fun!

I thought about doing this last year, but never got around to it. Maybe I'll wait until next year and start the tradition all three kids...

I have a friend with school age kids and her elf turned up in their car the other morning. She said it made for a nice and quiet ride to school. Clever...I tell ya!

Mandy said...

We LOVE our elf Buddy! The other morning we found him swinging from our kitchen light :) Ella gets so excited every morning and runs around the house trying to find him.

I hope Marker has nothing but good things to report to Santa!!