Saturday, August 27, 2011

Natural Science Center

We’re always trying to find something to do with Skylar every weekend and forgot that the Natural Science Center is here in Greensboro.  So, off we went to see the fun stuff here.  We might look into having Skylar’s 5th birthday here next year.  I really liked it.  There are a lot of neat things to learn and see inside and a mini zoo outside. 




We saw Turtles

turtle (2)

monkey (1 of 1)

We saw Monkeys

prairie dog (2)

We saw prairie dogs

prairie dog (3)

I think they’re cute.

natural science (1 of 2)

natural science (2 of 2)

I think this one is safe from Thanksgiving.  Smile

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Jamie said...

We went a few weeks ago and loved it!! I think it would be an awesome Birthday place!!! My favorite part was the "dancing sprinklers" - did you see them?