Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not so Scary Halloween!!

We were so fortunate to be able to go to Disney again and to see our friends who were able to make it happen.  This year we were able to go to “Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween.“  So, while we got to hang out with our friends, we also got to share in Emma’s birthday as well.  Man…when it was my birthday, I got a back yard birthday party…not to say there is anything wrong with that, lol.  Skylar still gets those too, hee hee… but to say that you get to go trick or treating at Disney for your birthday, hmmm…that takes the cake.  SmileSo….I have a MILLION PICTURES…sorry. 

superheros skylar and mom (1 of 1)

Skylar and mom are DASH and WONDER WOMAN!!  I don’t know if Wonder woman wears a mask, but I had so many left over that I said, why not!  We’re actually at the Polynesian Resort here.  It’s one of the many nice resorts at Disney.

group shot (1 of 1)

The gang!  The back of Matt’s head had spiders that were drawn on by Katie.  It was cool.

 emma and skylar (1 of 1)

Emma is Rapunzel from Tangled.  Katie made her costume, minus the hair.  Also, the best friend of the Director for Tangled also happened to be there and took a picture of Emma in her costume.  She was so impressed and had to send that to her Director friend.  How cool is that.  I wished I could sew.  I would make Skylar’s costumes too!! 

walt disney (1 of 1)emma and skylar 2 (1 of 1)


back (1 of 1)

They’re ready to go trick or treating.

rapunzel Emma (1 of 1)

Emma is 6 years old today!

scary kids3 (1 of 1)

scary kids (1 of 1)

These pictures cracked me up.  I told them to look scary. 

paparrazi (1 of 1)

Paparazzi were EVERYWHERE!!

beautiful emma (1 of 1)sweet jack (1 of 1)skylar horse (1 of 1)

On the Carousel

sweet shot (1 of 1)

Sweet picture

candy stations (1 of 1)

This is the candy station.  When you saw these through out the park, that means there is candy for the kids and adults!! WE got bags too!!  Smile

trick or treating p (1 of 1)

trick or treating (1 of 1)

It started get dark here, so we decided to go to the dance party with Stitch and Goofy.  OMG….SO MUCH FUN!!!  It reminded me of my college days…sort of, lol. 

dance party p (1 of 1)

The music was awesome, like our kind of music that you would want to dance to.  They had a DJ and you got to dance with Goofy, Pluto and Stitch!!!

sign (1 of 1)

rocking out with stitch2 (1 of 1)

rocking out with stitch (1 of 1)

goofy (1 of 1)

I never laughed so hard when I saw Emma dance and Skylar for that matter. 

dancing (1 of 1)

Yep…Skylar is dancing!

jack p (1 of 1)

So was Jack….Sweaty Jack, lol

Then we got a great spot to see the Halloween Parade. 

headless horseman (1 of 1)

The parade began with the headless horseman.

boo p (1 of 1)

captain cook p (1 of 1)crock p (1 of 1)

We saw Captain Hook and the Crock!

cpt jack sparron p (1 of 1)

Captain Jack Sparrow was there too.

hyenas p (1 of 1)

The lion King Hyenas

zombies p (1 of 1)

The Zombies!!

mickey p (1 of 1)

Then we saw out loveable characters!!

daisy p (1 of 1)

parade K4 (1 of 1)pluto p (1 of 1)

goofy p (1 of 1)

When Goofy came through, we got more candy!!

parade K (1 of 1)parade K5 (1 of 1)

the end (1 of 1)

The end of the parade.  Then we got some ice-cream and watched the fireworks, which were spectacular!!

yellow light castle (1 of 1)

I loved all the colors of the castle. 

green light castle (1 of 1)

purple light castle (1 of 1)

red light castle (1 of 1)

green wideshot light castle (1 of 1)

castle lights are off (1 of 1)

At the Finale of the fireworks, the castle lights turned off and the sky lit up with tons of fireworks.  I love this picture. 

The park stayed open until midnight.  So, then we trick or treated for more candy and came across Woody and Jessie dancing!

woody dancing (1 of 1)

fistbumping woody (1 of 1)

Skylar’s Fist bumping Woody!

meeting woody (1 of 1)

And high fives.  Woody was pretty cool. 

jessier dancing (1 of 1)

Then we saw Jessie dancing. 

hugging jessie3 (1 of 1)hugging jessie2 (1 of 1)

She gave him hugs and when he was dancing, she covered her eyes and shook her head…Skylar was HILARIOUS!!

skylar getting down2 (1 of 1)

skylar getting down3 (1 of 1)

skylar getting down (1 of 1)

He’s breaking it down here.

skylar getting down4 (1 of 1)

Not sure where he got those moves from, lol.  He almost made this party a non-PG party…  his moves were a little questionable.  Winking smile

I got a little video of him dancing. I wished I videotaped the entire time.

partied out (1 of 1)

This picture pretty much explains it all….they were PARTIED OUT!!!


Crystal Johnson said...

This looks awesome!!!! I love Skylar dancing; too funny!

Neal & Jennifer Humphrey said...

Looks like you had a blast! I can't wait to take Jake there one day!! Glad you had such a fun trip!!

apotherix said...

those are great nighttime shots, what camera were you using?

The Presnell's said...

Thanks Apotherix,

I use a Nikon D90 with a prime lens. It's a great camera for me. :)

azerd'compeney said...

like this