Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where do I begin??

Let’s see, I have been absent from the blogging world, only because I have been so extremely busy this year! A lot has happened! 

First off, I left my job at Ralph Lauren after 7 years and started a new adventure with my new company. That was huge for me to do, considering that I was very comfortable and set in my ways where I was at. That just goes to show, that 2012 is a new year with new beginnings. Not only was it new beginnings for me, but for Terry as well. He started a new job too and loves it. I’m usually the hard one to adapt when it comes to changes. Terry takes charge wherever he goes and doesn’t look back. :) I love that man! 

It was a big day for everyone!
 Plus Skylar started Kindergarten!!
 Big Boy!!

Dad was so happy walking him into school!

Also, as most of you know that are friends with me on Facebook, know that I’m pregnant!! This is such a blessing and a BIG SURPRISE!! Our story is a long one on this one.
So here goes …VERY LONG
We have tried to get pregnant, since December 2010. Every month, we were disappointed when we didn’t see those 2 little lines. Now, just so you know, it was SUPER easy when we got pregnant with Skylar back in 2006. So, I assumed it would be the same this time around as well. It was heartbreaking for me to see my friends all giddy when they found out they were pregnant for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even 4th time. Of course, I was super happy for them and went to their baby showers and celebrated with them for the little life they brought into this world. Yet, inside I was so sad. I did everything right, I finally cut out alcohol, not that I was still living out my college days, but especially during ovulation time, I did not drink. I was checking my temperature daily; tracking my ovulation patterns…you name it. Everything seemed right. Everyone else was telling me to relax. I swear I could hit people for saying that. That is the most annoying thing to hear. So after 10 months, I went to my doctor to see what was up. They tested Terry and I on all kinds of things and we were both fine. So, in November of last year (2011), they checked my tubes to see if they were blocked. Sure enough, both tubes were completely blocked. Apparently, it’s common to build up scar tissue on or around your tubes if you had any abdominal surgery, including c-sections. I had a c-section with Skylar, so that’s what I thought was the problem. To make matters even worse, there was a round 5 cm cyst hanging out on my left ovary. They wanted to wait 8 weeks to see if it shrunk, as most cysts come and go all the time. 

When I went back in Feb for my check up, they saw that the cyst did not shrink and was still the same, so they asked if I wanted it removed. Of course I did. I think that was the culprit that made me have to go to the bathroom all the time, lol! When I went in for the surgery which was in March, they had planned to cut into my belly button and have it pulled out in sections.  Gross, I know… Right before I went in, they said there was a chance that it was a different kind of cyst and they might have to do additional surgery. My surgery was only supposed to be an outpatient kind of surgery, meaning an hour or 2 of the procedure and then 2 or 3 hours for recovery and then I can go home. Well I woke up and I was in EXTREME pain. They told me the cyst was actually endometriosis and they had to cut it out in its entirety, so that no remnant of it was left behind. So, they cut into my c-section scar and I basically had another C-section….ugh!! Also, while they were in there, they tried to clear out my tubes again from both ends and they were still blocked unfortunately. So, the doctor and I started to talk about IVF. This was a HUGE blow. That was my only chances of getting pregnant.
Well, 1 week after my surgery I started my new job, so I wasn’t about to go through all the treatments and when I am trying to get established there. We had planned to try IVF in the Fall. I was not stoked about this, because it’s a lot of money and although I have great insurance, there’s always a chance that it won’t work and my insurance will only pay for 1 shot at IVF really.
So then we stopped trying so hard to get pregnant. I stopped taking my temperature daily, I stopped tracking my ovulation…I stopped all the madness of it and was going to focus on my family and work.  In April, we went to a friend’s wedding and had a lot of fun….meaning….I was throwing up the whole night fun. :( Our friends who we stayed with joked with us the next day saying, you’re pregnant. I laughed, but I knew there was no way that I was.
My friend Erin is the one that joked with me saying maybe I was pregnant, but she didn’t know my struggles.  She was also 6 months pregnant here.


This picture is taken with my cell phone, so not the best quality, but we sure did have a fun night of letting loose!
A few weeks later, we made plans to party with our friends in WS for Cinco De Mayo and drink TONS of margaritas. :) Oh how I miss those… Anyhoo, a few days before I knew something was not right. I should have started and well I didn’t. At this point I wasn’t sure when I was to start, since I stopped keeping track. So, I thought I was a few days late. Turns out I was 9 days late. I bought a pregnancy test after my Zumba class and took it at 10 pm. Technically, you should take these tests with your first stream in the morning and not to drink any water, but I didn’t care. I was told by my doctor that I couldn’t get pregnant and I haven’t thus far and we really stopped “trying” like we have been, so I thought it would be impossible. So….the test said this.
Taken with my phone.  

Really, we were and still are shocked. I never have been so happy to be pregnant in my life. It was so easy with Skylar, so I didn’t have to endure the heartache of all that. We are so overjoyed. The doctor was shocked too!  I guess the cyst was the main reason I couldn’t get pregnant maybe?  I don’t know..I don’t care. I can’t wait for this new adventure. We will have to change the name of our blog, that’s for sure, haha! It’s not just Skylar’s Neighborhood anymore. :)
Our famous FB announcement pic.  Boy was I sick for the first 21 weeks!
Proud big brother!

The beginning of my belly getting bigger. 
Life is so good right now.  I have my family, my health, my friends and this wonderful bundle of joy growing inside me. 
Thanks so much if you read all of this.  I now know the struggles
that women have when tying to have a baby and can’t. 

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Nikki Hudson said...

Hey Pamela! This is Nikki and TJ! Congrats on your pregnancy! We know first hand the roller coaster ride that fertility issues send you on, both physically and emotionally! We wish you and Terry all the best and can't wait to see posts of your new little baby boy! :) And Skylar too! He is such a cutie! :) Take care! -Nikki