Monday, January 28, 2013

Dylan is 1 month old!

Dylan is 1 month old..crazy!
  • He is so strong.  I can stand him up on my legs and he will hold himself up.
  • He is VERY Alert
  •  He's got lungs!! lol
  • He still has a little jaundice from breastfeeding. 
  • He loves to nurse!  He eats every hour to two hours and will eat for a good hour.  Which means he has a very tired mommy!!  
  • He is now 7lbs 11.5 oz (peanut) and 22 1/4 in long. 
 He looks like he's waving at us!
 Oh and he doesn't like taking pictures, lol!
Big brother Skylar loves watching over his little brother. 

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meetSirGodfrey said...

woww...nice,its just good, the part of his fighting pose is just too hilarious..and it was so cute wen his lil bo was watching over him...i like what uv got here..get to visit my new blog thanks