Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dylan is 2 Months old!

Dylan is 2 Months old!!
  • He's bigger now.  His Drs appt isn't for another week or so from now.  So I will update then.  If I had to guess, I would say he's gained at least 2 lbs and he looks a little longer as well.  I still think he's a peanut!
  • He still has major lungs!!  :)
  • He does not sleep well for us at night still.  Up every 2 to 3 hours  through the night if we are lucky. 
  • Does not like his crib, so he's still in the rock n play with us.  Hoping to put him in his crib soon!
  • His eyes are still blue. :)
  • He's not jaundice anymore!!  Or at least not as bad. 
  • Still nursing like a champ!
Below are his one month pictures with his chair. I liked all of them, so uh...sorry for the repetitiveness.   

 Here is his fighting pose, lol!

 Precious face!
 This is his godfather face!  LOL
 This is his "Call me Maybe" pose!
 So cute!
 Ok starting to get mad!
That's's over.

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Crystal Johnson said...

Dylan is so stinkin' cute!I love the 'I'm done picture'!!!