Thursday, March 28, 2013

Someone is 3 Months!



Dylan-7651Our little peanut is just that.   peanut 

It’s so funny when comparing him to his big brother Skylar.  Skylar just was a long skinny little fella and this one, haha…like I said…just a little peanut. Short and tiny.  He’s such a happy baby too!  That’s a big difference between him and Skylar. We have less cries and lots of smiles.

  • He’s smiles ALL the time and the daycare teachers love him
  • Sleeps pretty decent
  • He is still wearing some NB clothes still, lol
  • He loves staring at us
  • He will let anyone hold him
  • He likes standing up as long as you are holding him of course
  • He started sleeping in his crib…going ok so far ha!
  • He’s starting to laugh and it’s the cutest thing!

He’s just the best baby, like all momma’s say, but he truly is.  We are very blessed to have such a sweet and happy baby that to smile.


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Humayun Ahmed Books said...

Very cute baby kiss you baby.Ummah!!!