Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day 2

Well today, July 28th, was a joyful day! Pamela was actually able to see Skylar's beautiful face for the first time. She was out like a light after the C-Section, and could not even see her precious little man. She was in labor for so many hours.

We had many visitors, although Pamela was in and out of it, she and baby Skylar were happy to see everyone!

I have to say, Skylar is GREAT!!! He is the best little baby! This was our first night with him, and we were able to keep him in our room the entire night. The only drawback to this was he had his circumcision earlier in the day, and was not in the best mood. (it also didn't help out that our nurse was in and out all night) Not much sleep going on this day, but who cares!

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