Sunday, July 29, 2007

Day 3

Today has been just as great as the previous 2. Pamela received word that she is doing great, and we could go home! Everything was going great, and Skylar had lost a few oz's, he is now 7.5 pounds. According to the Dr. this is very normal. (his ole man needs to take lessons)

We were discharged and home by 3:30 pm. Skylar was sleeping pretty much the rest of the day. We were helped out by both sets of Grandparents, and without them, we would not have received a much needed nap!

This night, Skylar was much better than the night before, however, still a long sleepless night! I think there is a pattern starting to develop...

PS...we now know that we need to buy many more sets of mittens, Skylar loves to dig at his face with his Freddy Kruger nails!

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