Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 Months old today!

How could I forget to post about my little man Skylar. Today he is 10 months old. I can't believe it. It seems just like yesterday, I was miserable, was fat, uncomfortable, was fat again (you should have seen me), had carpal tunnel, was eating entirely too much and I had lower back aches....oh and I was huge! :) It was all worth it though when Skylar made his way into this world. We love how he's changed our life for the better, no doubt!

Fun Facts about Skylar
  1. He's talking all the time
  2. He crawls anywhere and everywhere he can
  3. He's climbing (stairs, furniture, you name it)
  4. He does NOT like shoes
  5. He hates oatmeal or cereal now, ugh!
  6. He loves loves loves Puffs and Wagon Wheels
  7. He squints his eyes when you pick up the camera about to take a pic, I guess he knows the flash will go off, ahah
  8. He has another tooth coming in at the bottom, so this will make 9 teeth (4 on top and 5 on bottom)
  9. He clucks his tongue when we do it first
  10. He shakes his head back in forth when I say no, aha! How can you get mad at that?

LOVES Spaghetti!

Hey Mom, does this shirt make me look fat?

My Dad is so much fun to ride with!

Please mom, no more picture taking with the flash!


Anonymous said...

pamela- your little man is so adorable! can you believe he is almost a year?? doesn't it just FLY BY! what are your plans for the big 1st bday party? i swear, i think i planned Anna and Brooke's more than our wedding :) by the way, your new house looks great! enjoy the next couple of months, it was very bitter sweet for me when the girls turned ONE! sorry to be all depressing!! love checking in on you guys and seeing the updates!!!- Ali

Crystal Johnson said...

I love the monthly update! It's so fun to see how how much they change from month to month!

We are getting settled in. I am very Type-A and refuse to live out of boxes... I have about 4 boxes left with pictures and odds and ends that I don't know where to put yet. And we haven't put anything on the walls yet. I really need to post pictures soon. We still have a few things at our other house and I am assuming that's where the USB cord for my camera is.

We loved Owen's cake it turned out just as I had hoped and it actually tasted good too. There is a tiny bakery in Weaverville called The Bake Shop that was recommended by the bakery we normally use in south Asheville (they didn't have time to make the cake for us.) I found a picture of the cake online (I just googled monkey birthday cakes) and took it to them.

How are you? Your garden looks GREAT!