Monday, May 19, 2008

House updates

As I said in our "update" post, we bought a house in Greensboro. We absolutely love it! We're out in the country and our neighbors are so quiet. They're probably thinking when they saw us Young Loud and Wild Folk moving in, "There goes the Neighborhood." :) We actually met our neighbors surrounding us and they all seem so nice. One neighbor brought us a plant and another gave us a Carolina Tarheel floor mat. Terry already likes him big time! They all have lived in this neighborhood for 30 + years. Hopefully, we will keep up the trend and do the same. Ralph loves it too, but we're so missing our fence that we used to have at our old house. We took that for granted, that's for sure. Now we have to walk him, but hey, that's giving us some much needed exercise, right? Actually we just use our extendable leash and just stay in one spot, exercise there. :) Hopefully, we can afford a new fence soon. I'm getting quotes for just the heck of it. I'm sure it's going to be more than 100 dollars, aha! BTW, that seems to be our budget this year, so it looks like maybe next year we will get one. haha

Anyways, after the Zoo on Saturday, we decided to paint the master bathroom. If you know me, you know I hate WHITE walls. I start to go crazy, so I knew what I was getting into, when we bought this house. Only one room in the entire house was painted and that is the dining room. Thankfully for us, it's the color I would have painted it! :) So we bought some paint a couple of weeks back for the master bathroom (start small) and decided to get something done this weekend. Also, we had to buy a shower door. For some reason the people that lived in our house previously didn't have one or they took it with them before the house went on the market. We didn't think anything of it, until we moved in and thought, how in the world did they take a shower? The water would have hit the bench and splashed out and all over the floor when they did. Oh well, so we had to suck it up and buy one. They installed it last week and it looks good. Below are the before and after pictures of our progress. Hopefully we will have more updates like this to post frequently, because that means we're actually doing things. We tend to get very lazy on the weekends!


No shower Door?

AFTER (Paint and Shower Door)

We have a Door, we can shower in our master bathroom! Let me rephrase that, we always showered, haha, just not in our bathroom. We had to share Skylar's bathroom upstairs.

Our Next project is to till up our garden. We have a garden already set out and fenced, but it's not maintained and with the rising prices of produce, I want to try and grow my own vegetables. We're all very excited about this. I will update on that as we grow. :)


evansmom said...

Love the color!!! Thanks for adding us! Keep the house updates coming, they are cool.

Torie said...

Looks great! - We planted our garden last night for the same reasons! I love fresh produce, but current prices are CRAZY! I want to learn to can and freeze some stuff.

Crystal Johnson said...


Thanks for stopping by our little blog. It's funny that you commented today, considering I just saw the link for yours on Ali's page and stopped by to see your little world. Skylar is adorable and both you and Terry look GREAT!

I'll tell Danny we're in contact and maybe the next time we are in Kernersville to visit his family, we could meet up with you guys.

Take care!

p.s. Owen's helping me type, so I am not resposible for any typos :)