Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Molars and infections...Go us!

That's a fun title huh? Well, Skylar's bottom molars are trying to push their way through, they are so swollen. His bottom right should pop through in the next couple of days, it's really swollen and red. We have given him crushed ice (Thanks Crystal for the tip), teething rings, hyland tablets, baby orajel... You name it. To top it all off, he started to come down with a fever on Wednesday, so we couldn't take him back to daycare for 24 hours, so Terry and I took turns on Thursday, by taking half days and staying home with him. He seemed to be doing just fine too, as he was not running a temp, so we had fun just playing around. Around dinner time, I noticed some gunk (is that a word) coming out of one of his eyes and just assumed it was sleep gunk. Well Friday morning as I was getting out of the shower, Terry brought Skylar to me to show me his eyes. His right eye was swollen shut and the other wasn't looking so good. So...I immediately thought ear infection. UGH! So, off to the doctors we went. He has had a bad bout with ear infections from about 4 months old to 8 months old and we had to have tubes placed in both ears. Ever since then, he's been fine, but would get viral infections in it's place, ha! He has had a viral infection once a month, for the past 3 months, which then would turn into Rosella. So...that's what we have again, but this time, it infected his eyes. as well as him having a high temp and rash. It's not pink eye, but they did say it's contagious. Well, at least it's not ear infections right? :) We were told to just put a ointment on both eyes (on the eyelashes) and it will get in his eye and heal it. Today it's been a lot better. On Friday and Saturday, it was just horrible looking. The infections switched eyes for swelling too. Once we thought one eye was looking better, the other started to look bad, yikes! He looked pitiful. We were bummed too, since we had two birthday parties on Saturday to go to and we had to cancel on both, as he would have got the other babies and kids infected with what he had. Who wants that, right? We still want to be invited to future birthday parties ya know, so we did everyone a favor and just stayed away. Here's some pics of our little guy. The pictures explain it all. When looking at these pictures though, think of the song by the cranberries, Za-om-bay....ay...ay...ay... :) He's still gorgeous to us!

After the actually looks worse, because it's both eyes here.

We got some landscaping done at the house and I worked in the garden a bit on Saturday. Let me just say that we have tons of tomatoes!! We have lemon tomatoes (they're yellow), Roma and big slicing sandwich tomatoes. We love tomatoes too!! So that's a great thing to come home too. Our squash and zucchini didn't do so well though, especially our zucchini. I think the hot weather dried out our soil, even though we had some good rains and we water it every few days, but the plants are dried out and some even died. Oh well. We only harvested one zucchini and about 5 or 6 squash, which we enjoyed tremendously (I wished we had more, ugh!!). I think I planted 2 or 3 zucchini plants and about 5 or 6 squash plants, so you can see I was very disappointed. What we also have an abundance of, is jalapeno peppers, banana peppers and other hot peppers. We only had one cucumber plant and we are now starting to harvest them, but only 1 or 2 at a time. Which is fine. I think next year, we will grow potatoes, more squash and zucchini, melons and red onions and of course tomatoes. I need to find out where I can get the seeds for red onions though. I love onions....yum!! Does anyone know? I looked for them at Lowes and Walmart to no avail. I did look at the Farmer's Market, but I wasn't looking intently for them at the time there. Maybe they are sold there. Sorry this post is so random, haha.. I think that's how I feel. today, ha! Is anyone watching the Olympics? We are so excited about watching it. I love it! Again....random... :)

***One more thing about Skylar, he's been taking a few steps here and there, but consistently. He walks everywhere, but holding onto things. He still crawls too, but he's walking more, by the assistance of his toys, the furniture, Ralph... I think he can walk now, but he's scared to let go. It's his security blanket to hold onto something. I'm not worried though, if he's walking by 24 months at least, then I will be happy! :) It's all a waiting game now.

We got a new gate that surrounds our computer area. Skylar does not like this at all!! Right after this picture, he threw a fit, because we wouldn't let him in, hah!

After his tantrum, he started to play with his toys again and forgot he was mad...


Anonymous said...

Ok, first let me say, poor little man! That can not be fun! And, everything you said in the first blog- was word for word my children! i swear. our pediatrician has not mentioned tubes yet, but, i think that is our next move...... goodness! i hope he is feeling better :) i know that is hard for Mommy, Daddy and him! take care, catch up on your rest! - Ali Parris

Layla 'n' Reggie said...

oh, poor Skylar! he looked pitiful...well, maybe this means he won't get sick very much later cuz he's getting it all out of the way now :)

and, we love watching the Olympics too...go Team USA!!

btw, is that the helicopter we gave him? So glad he likes it!

Torie said...

OH NO! I hope he feels better soon!

Anna Morrison said...

I love it that you posted those photos of Skylar. I don't love it that he hasn't been well, but I enjoy the fact that you are willing to post these "pitiful" moments as well as the golden ones.

I know how hard this can be. Keep that chin up. This soon shall pass.

Swiders said...

Those are the most pitiful pictures ever!! I hope the little guy feels better soon!! I think he wants to visit his friends Kevin and Jamie, or at least that's what he told Ralph :)

Crystal Johnson said...

Poor little guy! He is still oh so adorable with his pink-puffy eyes. Makes we wanna scoop him up and cuddle.

(I read this post probably 1 min after you posted, but I am just now getting around to commenting.)