Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We have what you can say....a biter

Sorry for the delay in my blog posts, but we have been having a rough several weeks regarding Skylar's teeth and his ocational sickness and haven't had anything to really post...Anyhoo, yesterday I picked up Skylar from Daycare and we do get regular incident reports (at least 1 every two weeks or more), because he usually falls and hurts himself by being a typical boy, but YIKES...he didn't have anything happen to him this time, he did something to another kid. He bit another kid, a little girl to be specific. :( Supposedly, they were both trying to get the walker toy thing at school (there are two in his class too), but I guess they wanted the same one and well the only way he was able to get it was bite her on the arm. This was not a little bite either, it was a full blown pit bull lock jaw bite. I felt horrible when I saw it. He didn't break the skin, but he has so many teeth, so you can imagine what it looked like. It was a big bruise already. I was blown away, because he NEVER does that at home and this was the first time he did this in school. I mean, he used to bite me when he got his first 2 teeth, but not like that. I don't know if he's acting out in anger, because he didn't get his way or if he is just in pain or both actually.

I'm not sure what to do in these types of situations, so ANY advice or suggestions is welcomed! :) He's too young to understand that this is wrong, so I don't know what to do. I don't want him to be "that kid" at daycare.

Other than that, he loves waving now, before it was sporadic, well actually, it still is, but more continuous now. He's getting the hang of walking too. He still crawls, but he pulls himself up and starts walking from A to B about 70% of the time. :) Oh and now he learned how to climb up on our furniture. He pulls himself up from the floor and climbs, so great.....but not really.

I am so excited about next week, we are going to the beach on a MUCH needed vacation. I don't mind going at this time of the year. I think the beaches won't be as crowded and I am pretty stoked about the place we are staying at. It is so KID friendly. This will be Skylar's first trip to the beach too. I hope to have tons of great pictures to post. I might post while I'm at the beach too, we'll see if I have the energy. :)


Anonymous said...

I hate to hear you have JAWS too... our JAWS is Anna and her victim is always Brooke. She has bitten her so many times, there are perma scars! I hate it, it looks like we abuse her. I don't know what to tell ya. We haven't figured out the way to stop it either (obviously)! Have fun at the beach :) - Ali Parris

Jen said...

Sorry Skylar is biting. Elise is a biter too. She bites Coy and Job when they irritate her. She has even come at me a few times. I do think however that Skylar can understand that this is wrong. Elise was biting me when I was nursing and I mean HARD. I had to pull her away and almost growl at her saying, "No Biting!!" She got the hint. The trick to stopping it is catching him doing it and I hope that it doesn't happen again. What beach are you going too? We are leaving foer the beach next week too!

Crystal Johnson said...

Owen would like to welcome Sylar to the bitters club. No advise here... My girlfriend, however, took a day to sit an observe (where he daughter couldn't see her) at her little girls daycre after she was informed of her biting other kids. Come to find out, the teachers were not watching her close enough to actually see why she was bitting the kids. She now goes to a different school.

HAve fun at the beach! We're going in two weeks. Let's pray for no rain!

Jennifer said...

I love the pic you posted with the blog "I didn;t do, no one saw me!!" priceless! Evan did not bite but a handful of times, I was a biter and my mom would bite me back. So no advise hear either :(

Nikki Hudson said...

If it makes you feel any better, we are labelled as the "biters" at daycare too. Usually the girls just bite each other, Taylor has bruises on her arm from Kaitlyn. But we had a "conference" and I was told that every child in their classroom tastes good to the girls now! It seems to come and go. They are both cutting molars now so I like to think that is what has caused it to start back up. It does usually happen when they are playing closely with each other and it looks like a bite out of frustration. We try to be consistent with a firm "no bite" and divert their attention elsewhere. I think they understand what they do because Kaitlyn tends to run away as soon as she has bitten Taylor, almost like she's trying to say "I wasn't there, I didn't do it". It's not fun to deal with but hopefully it is just a phase that they will grow out of. It is nice to know that we are not the only ones dealing with it though! :) Good luck!!

Torie said...

At least you don't have a hitter. Eli has started swinging when he doesn't get his way. ?? Oh well, hopefully with enough time outs he will get over it.

Good luck!