Sunday, October 4, 2009

1, 2, 3, 4...get your booty on the floor

We had a fun and pretty much exhausting weekend! We went to 2 birthday parties that were back to back and not to mention in two different towns that were not close to one another. One party was for our friend's daughter Emma who turned 4. She has really grown into such a gorgeous little girl and she will soon have a baby brother in 2 weeks. I think her mom will tell you that she’s ready now, if you ask her though. :) The weather was perfect Fall weather and Fall was the theme as well. Emma had her own pumpkin patch and you could decorate your own pumpkin and take it home. So cute! Skylar loved playing with all her toys.

party decorations2DSC_3268

Emma’s Pumpkin Birthday cake.

emma and laylaDSC_3289

Taking a picture with the Fall decorations.


Skylar loved this drum set that they had in their living room. I can't believe I'm saying this, but we might get this fun thing. Are we crazy or what?

emmas cake party decorations3 party decorations


The next party was for my adorable nephew Zeb who turned the BIG 3. He had a Power Ranger Theme. Zeb is all boy. He’s so fun and has the cutest little hair cut. He's also expecting a little sister, but he has a few more months to remain the youngest of the Mathis Clan. :) There were so many kids there playing with all of Rex and Zeb's toys which could easily been Toys R Us. :)

zeb with cake

DSC_3358 DSC_3356

You see where he gets his playfulness from. What a cute picture. I tried getting Rex in these pictures too, but he was everywhere like all the other kids playing with everything.

Skylar and ZebDSC_3300



Skylar with his Nanny and Grandpa.

(BTW-We had an outfit change at this point. Skylar was on the playset um….doing his business and since he was in pull ups, the business came out and down both legs and let’s just say while we were cleaning him up, the playset had been hosed down with water, ahah!)


Torie said...

What a cute theme for a b-day party. (I love Fall!!)

P.S. Someone is H-O-T and her name is P-A-M-E-L-A....looking good girl.

Terry-Pamela-Skylar-Ralph said...

You are too funny! :)

I love Fall too! :) I love the smell of pumkin spice candles...yummy!

Swiders said...

Oh yeah, and pumkin spice lattes at Starbucks! I LOVE the animated faces - so adorable!

Crystal Johnson said...

What cute parties!

Santa r Us (my mom) ordered O's drum set today... What are we getting ourselves into?