Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Our Halloween didn’t go as plan earlier today, because of the weather, but it turned out great when it was time to go trick or treat for C-A-N-D-Y!!

getting ready

Getting ready


I drew a mustache and beard on him to complete his look, ha!


He rather eat his sword than look at the camera


No more pictures. I’m ready to go mom!!

with daddy

My little pirate! He did so well, when walking up to the houses. He would say trick or treat the entire time we were walking up to the houses, that is UNTIL they opened the door. He then fell silent, hah! Also, he tried walking into their houses as soon as they opened up their doors, lol.


We only went to about 8 houses and decided to come home and check out what we got. Skylar was very happy on his selection too. Again this year, our house didn’t get any trick or treaters, so I have a HUGE bowl of candy that Terry and I both plan to bring to work to give away. :)


McKay said...

Love the costume! Too cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pamela, you're as creative as ever! LOVED IT!!! Skylar was a darling pirate... I would've walked the plank willingly for my little "Sky"rate...tee hee.