Sunday, November 29, 2009

Love the Holidays!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family.  We really did and unfortunately for my jeans, I did not follow my rule of only one helping of food and dessert at each gathering, which in total were 3!  I um….ate just a little more than I meant to.  That’s ok though, because ……….ok I have no excuse, but it sure was nice and yummy!

On Thanksgiving Thursday, we travelled to Asheville during the day and then came back to Marion to visit with Terry’s family on both sides to eat and catch up!  Unfortunately, I have no pictures.  :(  It’s hard to take pictures, eat and run after your toddler that wants nothing to do with Thanksgiving food.  I think he ate 1 corn on a cob for lunch and dinner combined, oh and of course cranberry dressing.  Whoops add two bites of a roll and you got a Thanksgiving feast!  I will say that he ate part of a bologna biscuit for breakfast from biscuitville.  So, it’s not like we didn’t try.  We just have the pickiest toddler!!

Flash-forward to Saturday, we had Thanksgiving at our house.  A while back, my family divvied out who hosts which Holidays and I got Thanksgiving. :)  I chose Saturday’s for our gatherings, because everyone is always traveling or working on Thanksgiving.  So, I thought it would be easier to just have it on Saturday.  We had of course, WAY too much food!  Oh and it’s so yummy too!!  I’m thinking leftovers for at least 3 days.  :P

Christmas tree 

We also got up the Christmas tree on Friday.  We actually bought us a fake one this year.  I think in the next few years, this will payoff. :)  I am usually a real tree kind of girl, but I love it!  It’s tall and full.   

upclose of tree 

sweet moment

A sweet and unfocused moment that I got of maw maw kissing Skylar.

hamGma with the ham

G-ma (Skylar re-names her a lot), she brought the ham and it was de-licious!!

Yasmine and turkeyfamily

Yasmine posing in front of the turkey that I cooked and a random shot of everyone in the kitchen. 

Mom and Jewel

My two moms!

back of skylar

This is the best I could do for taking pictures of Skylar that day.  He just wanted to play and play.


  Sweet Yasmine

    3 little monkeys

3 little monkeys…

zeb 2Zeb 1

Sweet Zeb

I didn’t get to capture all the moments, because it was nice to relax and eat through out the day.  A lot of people fell asleep through out the day too.  I thought that was so sweet.  Of course, NONE of the kids were sleeping.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I loved the pics of the family, and especially the kids. Everyone is growing up so quickly! I can't believe it. I really liked the pic of mom and Jewell. That was a sweet moment; actually you captured several in your blog. Your photog skillz are really sharpening! I love it! Well, less than a month and I will be home. Can't wait to see you and the rest of the fam. Your tree is beautiful. I broke down and bought a Martha Stewart tree several year's back bc I got tired of my tree turning into a fire hazard BEFORE Christmas. It's beautiful, Pamela! You and Terry did an outstanding job decorating it! You continue to amaze, Baby Sis. I'm so proud of you!!!

Crystal Johnson said...

What a great holiday! I love all the pictures and your tree is beautiful! We are so ready to get one.

You gotta come see me the next time you stop in Asheville!!! We live right off an exit!