Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome Baby Piper!

My niece Piper Calais (pronounced ka-lay) Mathis was born on January 20th, 2010.  Such a pretty and sweet little baby girl.  We finally got to see them yesterday, only because we’re basically an hour away, the weekends are the only times I can see family.  She has blue eyes (I’m hoping they will stay), two big dimples, dark brown hair and the sweetest grin.  I came armed with my camera of course.  Enjoy the pictures.  :)

Upclose of Piper ba1

Piper b-w

 Piper and Aunt Pam Pam

Skylar and Piper  Skylar and Piper 2

hands Skylar2 

Upclose of Piper (cl)

father and daughter1-4 Piper 1

 pipers feet pipers hands


Mandy said...

Pamela, she is so adorable!! I think Skylar needs a little sister :)

Anna Morrison said...

Oh my goodness! What an adorable and alert little baby girl! Congrats to Holly and your brother.

Have a wonderful week, Aunt Pam.

Side note- you are quite good with your camera, girly. Great pics!

The Presnell's said...

Thanks Guys! I want another baby bad, with everyone having babies recently. :) Baby fever is at an all time high!!

Jennifer said...

She is beautiful!! Hope your wish comes true soon, I remember that burning feeling :)

The Fam said...

wow! She is soo beautiful! Sky is a natural with the babies ;) hmmm...good to know!

Torie said...

She is adorable. Holly and John make beautiful babies. Skylar was too cute holding Piper.

Anonymous said...


Swiders said...

Love her!! And, I can't believe you got the pic with her smiling!!!