Sunday, January 3, 2010

Things that make me smile…

and things I look forward to in 2010:

1. Lost (Last season) Very excited to see how it all ends.  This show is off da hook!  heehee..


2. To meet my new niece Piper and she’s due this month.

Holly and Zeb

3. For Gina to come home and be here for my Grandmother’s 90th birthday bash.

Grandmother  wedding edited

Above (Terry and I, with my grandmother) Below (John-John, Gina, me and Mely)

family aged edited

4. “Talking” about extending our family.  (I’m not talking about a dog either) :)

5. Looking into cake decorating classes, because I want to be on those cake TV shows I want to make cakes for special occasions and well, it’s super cool!

Check out this site above for a local baker who is a stay at home mom.  I am in awe of her work.  I would love to be this good one day. 

6. My hubby for all that he does.

 Terry and Skylar

7. My son Skylar and I love how he’s talking soo much now and now we can have conversations and understand each other. 

 mom, dad and skylar

8. My dog Ralphie.


9. My friends who love Skylar as much as we do.  :)

Kelly with Skylar

10. To lose 10 pounds of Fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle.  (jus sayin)  I thought I would throw a New Years resolution in here somewhere. 

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Anna Morrison said...

Love this post. Great pics and so special.

I'd never seen any of your wedding pics. Love them. You are so gorgeous!!

Extend away! ;) Oh and Happy New Year, Pam!