Thursday, April 8, 2010

Family time…

We had a great Easter Sunday hanging out with our family.  We ate, laughed, wrecked a golf cart into another family member’s truck, ate, hid eggs…  yep, you heard me correctly.  It was a wild Sunday.  :) 

egg hunt 2

Some of you on FB might have see these pictures, but here they are again for those who don’t get on FB. 

  Piper bw Piper vintage

My niece Piper is really growing fast and is oh so beautiful.  She still has her blue eyes and her skin is light.  She definitely doesn’t look Asian.  Skylar finally will have someone that looks like him on the Mathis Side, lol. 

Mom skylar and dad

My Mom and Dad

 zeb 2

My nephew Zeb was too cute. 

easter with the kids

Nanny is in charge of the grandkids. 

egg hunt

Skylar loved the egg hunt this year.  I think he got most of the eggs too. 


Nanny playing with Zeb.  He is one heck of an athlete already.

   silly sky 

Not sure why Skylar loved wearing this helmet.  That crazy kid of mine!  He wore it most of the day and wanted to wear it home as well.  Boys…


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Anna Morrison said...

Great pics! Happy spring. Hope you are well.