Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunday Wrap up…

Sunday was my Niece Piper’s Christening and what better yet, than have her big brother’s Rex and Zeb singing a song for her in church.  It was the cutest thing and I wished I had it on video.  I did take a couple pictures before I slaved in the kitchen with my mom and sister Mely.  Just kidding, they slaved in the kitchen and I cut all the bananas and washed the grapes for the chocolate fountain.  :)  My part was harder, I know.  Tough job. 

Rex and Zeb singing They were truly adorable. 

 piper awake

John John holding Piper right when she woke up. I think she looks like Zeb here. 

mom and mely

Mely and mom cooking Lumpia (Filipino egg rolls)

lumpiamom cooking

After Piper’s reception, I met up with my girlfriends for a long over due get together at the Village Tavern in W-S.  We all chatted it up and you know, I have no pictures of us girls.  UGH….  About 2 hours into our brunch/happy hour, 2 of the hubbies showed up and not empty handed.  I finally got to meet Baby Hunter.  Katie’s son who was born 3 weeks ago.

 hunter katie and hunter 

Hunter was too cute and sweet for his mommy. 

 logan 2      logan

Then we have Skylar’s twin Logan.  Twin, in saying they are the exact same child in their mannerisms and playfulness.  Skylar always came home with bruises, bumps, scrapes…from daycare, so it made me laugh when I saw her.  Yep….twins. 


When I got home, this is what I had waiting on me.  :)  If you’re wondering, we always put grenadine in our coronas…yum!

sunday 2 sunday 3

It was a beautiful Sunday!



Gina said...

Love the updates of Piper's Christening! Wish I coulda been there to see Rex and Zeb sing. They looked so precious together as they always do. Piper's just TOO adorable. I love her blue eyes and hairbows. LoL. Glad you got some bonding time with your BFFs and nice to see that Terry had something cooking. Sounds like a great wkend. Can't wait to be part of the family's lives again. Siggggh.

The Lau Fam said...

oh, Rex and Zeb are soo cute! and great pics of Logan and Hunter, almost made me wish my babies were there...but I enjoyed the girl time ;)

grenadine in the Corona huh? I'll have to try it...I loooove Corona!

Swiders said...

I agree, Piper does look like Zeb in that pic - beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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