Saturday, October 30, 2010

WCU/APP Game 10.23.10

Last weekend, Terry and I went back to our college roots to cheer on Western when they played our other mountain rivals….APP State.  UGH…I would like to say that the outcome was in our favor…but…what do they say?  “You can’t win them all!”  Or any at all, ha!  Poor Western.  They’re not doing so well this year, or in the fast few or several years.  I will say that our school has changed so much since we graduated.  Of course I always knew it was beautiful, but it’s just breath taking scenery.  They added so much to the school there.  It’s completely different, but in a good way.  I miss it soo much!  Such good memories were made there. The friends I met, the Sorority I joined and the husband I found. 

WCU (17 of 30)

WCU (12 of 30)

We’re wearing our purple!

WCU (1 of 30)

WCU (14 of 30)WCU (13 of 30)

This is a before and after picture, ha!  Brad is pinching his neck on the second one.  Terry wasn’t prepared for it obviously.  Smile

WCU (15 of 30)

Brandi, Kelly and I.  I haven’t seen Brandi in forever!! It was so good to see her!

WCU (16 of 30)

Corn hole was played by all of us!  Fun fun times!  Notice terry’s sweater is now a scarf.  hah!

WCU (18 of 30)WCU (19 of 30)

Graceful form Kelly had. 

WCU (25 of 30)

WCU (26 of 30)

WCU (27 of 30)

View from our cabin..just gorgeous!

WCU (28 of 30)

WCU (29 of 30)

The girls (1 of 1)

We were so sad to leave there, but we were so happy to go pick up Skylar from Mawmaw and Pawpaw’s house.  He had so much fun, he didn’t even notice we were gone….man…  Gotta love the grandparents!  Smile

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cami said...

omg! skylar is so...cute! i love the age catories on the side!