Saturday, July 25, 2009

Skylar's Big Day

Today was sweltering HOT!! I mean...not just hot, BUT HOT!! I just want to make sure I emphasized that. Exhibit 1 for reference. :) Nothing like having a birthday party in the heat of summer.
We had a good little turn out for his Dump Truck themed party. Skylar loves trucks, cars...well anything that moves and has wheels really. I mean, he's a boy ya know. :) The kids ranged from 1 1/2 years to 10 years of age.

The details and photos to follow~

*Construction hard hats
*Magnetic foam photo frames that you can decorate with foam stickers ("Build your own Frame")
*Chocolate dumptruck or car suckers that were either yellow/brown chocolate, pink/brown chocolate or purple/brown chocolate

Food: (LOTS and LOTS)
*Marinated Pork skewers (my mom's friend Lydia made)
*Marinated Porkchops (my mom's friend Lydia made)
*Lumpia (Fried Eggs Rolls) (my mom's friend Lydia made)
*Fried Bananas or Plantains (not sure of the Filipino name for this is, if there is one) ( My mom made)
*Pancit (Filipino cuisine) (My Mom's friend Maria made)
*Mom's Famous baked mac and EXTRA cheese!! (OMG, YUM)
*Potato Salad (My mom's friend Maria made)
*Home Cooked Fried Chicken (My Mom Rocks)
*Golden Coral honey buttered Rolls (My sister Mely rocks)
*TONS of pizza (Terry and I didn't do the math correctly)
*Fruit (that I realized I left in the Fridge when I was cleaning up later)
*Steamed Rice
side note- this is where Terry and I didn't realize about all the food above was being brought to our party. It's definitely a Filipino thing. You don't go to a party without food, ahah! So, in not knowing about the above, we had already ordered several boxes of pizza.
We were seriously, going to just have pizza, fruit and dessert, LOL

*Dirt Cake (placed in the back of the dump truck)
*Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with crushed oreos on top to look like dirt

The dump truck is his birthday present from us and the dirt cake was inside itUp close shot of the dirt cake with the worms and spiders (It's like Fear Factor at our parties)
Cup cakes (courtesy of Emily's capture)

*Beer (I believe I was the only one who was drinking, haha)
*Different Sodas
*Wine (My mom and her friends were enjoying)

*Made by Pamela...oh yeah, me!

*Party City for Balloons
*Dollar tree for plates, napkins....
*Oriental trading for the hats and foam frames
*Caution tape, courtesy of PRL Asset protection team
*Ebay for Birthday shirt, cupcake toppers, pinata

Virtual shout outs:
*Crystal's Blog "Life is Grand" for her Photo Booth project she did for her son's 1 year birthday party.

Now on to the massive amount of pictures in NO specific order, because well...that would take forever to sort, ha! I didn't get a lot of pictures that I wanted, but I did get the photo booth shots, so that's all that matters. ;) I'll post some of those another time.

These letters were supposed to look like caution cones and little stop signs, but Terry told me after wards, that they looked like Candy Corn, ahah! Oh well....still cute.
Excited faces over the cupcakes
Skylar blowing out his candle with the help of his mom.
Digging in with no trouble at all.

One picture with his birthday hat on that we kept forgetting about and misplaced through out the party, aha!

Zeb eating his cupcake (He's such a cute little boy)
Playing hard with daddy
Look how high Ayden is jumping! He turns 2 next. :)

We look like twins, well sort of, haha!

It's pinata time with the little dump truck

Emma taking a whack at it.
Mom talking to Skylar's little friends
My mom having fun with her friends
Yasmine and my dad
Skylar's Maw Maw and Paw Paw as well as Mammaw Lou enjoying the day. They were so funny that day in the photo booths!
Mom's friends who cook so well!
Relaxing on dad
Present time
Loving our present from Crawford, especially the soccer ball and goal.
Loving his bike from his Great Mammaw

Skylar really is such a sweet boy and I think he enjoyed his birthday this year. He didn't care that the other kids were playing with his toys. I think he knew this party was for him.


Anonymous said...

Ok, you win the prize for cutest birthday theme i have seen! what an adorable party and the ideas were awesome!!! good for you :) how fun!! i think i am going to love having a boy just for that reason, to have BOY parties!! love the pictures! great job pamela :) and happy birthday Skylar!- Ali Parris

Crystal Johnson said...

Everything turned out so cute! Now do you need a vacation from party planning? Danny asked me what I was going to do in my spare time. Ha!