Sunday, June 7, 2009

Comparison pics

LAST YEAR June 2008

We had a little fun in the sun today. I brought out the baby pool that Skylar loved last year and realized that we might need to get a bigger pool this summer.

Side note-I'm so jealous of all of you that have neighborhood pools!! :0)

THIS YEAR June 2009

Wrapped and waiting for round two with the water. :)


Erin said...

It is always amazing to see how much a child can change in 1 year!! WOW he has! P.S. my neighborhood pool is my moms! LOL convient since we live right next door!!

Crystal Johnson said...

Very cute! Boy, he sure has grown!!! I need that little pool for Ben!

We are supposed to have a pool in our neighborhood, but it's "still in the works." We are lucky though, our county has several pools that are pretty decent and close by.

Love the bouncy house. I don't even want to know what kind of deal you got!