Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun outing at the park

We have been planning this park outing/picnic, which equals fun fest 2009 at Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury for a few months now. It's so hard to get everyone together especially in the Summer time, that you have to plan months in advance, right? Well let me tell you, it was well worth the planning. This park has everything!! I mean, anything that your kiddo would want to play with and of course that mom and dad would want to play with too!

This outing was with several of our good friends from our old neck of the woods. Oh, how we miss them!! Of course, it's hard to take group shots and boy did we take lots, but let's just say, none made the cut to post. ha!

You can't tell what this is, but Skylar loved this train thing at the playground. He kept saying choo choo and then screamed when we tried to go somewhere else to play.

Finally ok with leaving the playground and riding the actual train that was there at the park.

My little goat...baaaah.

We tried getting all the kids in this photo op, but not everyone was cooperating, aha! At least we tried, right? (the Scarecrow is 1 year old Camryn and the Cow is 3 year old Ty)

He sure was quiet on the way home. :)

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