Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun in Marion

Today we had a busy day of a wedding and a 4 year old birthday party. Fun times!!

Terry's cousin Savannah got married today and looked so pretty in her dress. Skylar who is usually smitten over blonds, made the exception and went to her immediately. I don't have the heart to tell him that she's officially taken and that she's also blood-related family. ha-ha

Regardless of the place or time, we can never get a good, sitting still and with a huge smile on his face picture. haha
Same for number 2
At least Grandma (which I think just changed to maw maw now) was excited for the picture.
Grand-Pa and Skylar (his blue steele pose)

We had a fun time at Xavier's 4 year old Birthday pool party after the wedding, which I did get several pictures of, but Terry was the one swimming with Skylar the whole time and Begged kindly asked me that I not post them. :)

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Swiders said...

Come on Terry, we want to see your body :)