Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve!

We hope everyone has a great New Years!!! 

As a New Year beginnings list, we’re trying some things at our household to bring in the New Year.  Skylar is strictly wearing “underwears” now, unless it’s night time or nap time.  For the next few days, we are working only with this.  Skylar is actually doing very well pottying and he has been for a while.  He does both (you knows) for us, but sometimes if we forget to ask him if he needs to go, he doesn’t remind us until it’s too late.  :) So, I’m hoping that he will be strictly diaper free during the day and only going through 10 or less diapers a week until we don’t use any at all.  Wish us luck!!

Oh and we now transitioned his crib to a toddler bed….today.  I really don’t know why we considered this, Lol.  He is not happy (that’s an understatement) right now, as I’m listening to the monitor.  It’s nap time at the moment (I don’t think he thinks that though).  If you know Skylar, he does not take naps ANYWHERE, unless he’s in his crib.  So…we are trying to get him used to sleeping in a bed.  So, when we go on beach trips, he will be ok sleeping in a bed.  I used to joke that I would keep him in his crib, until he graduates High School, but since we have a few days to stay at home and relax, we’re going to try it now.  I think the next few days will be sleepless nights for all, except Ralph.  He could sleep through a Volcano eruption.  Again…wish us luck. 

Here are a few pictures of Skylar (before crib bed to toddler bed transition) when he was happy.  :) 

Skylatr towel Skylatr towel 5

We love the new towels we got for Christmas.  This is a cute one that Aunt Ging Ging sent all the way from Egypt.  Ok, she ordered it online and it was shipped here, but she paid for it in Egypt, so technically, it’s an Egyptian towel, hee hee. 

Skylatr towel 3

Skylatr towel bwSkylatr towel 4

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Gina said...

Totally love the pics of Skylar's new bath towel. It turned out much better than what the online pic showed. Maybe bc your model is much cuter? Kudos to you and Terry for starting alot of new beginnings in 2010. It's inspring to say the least. Hopefully, Skybug will adjust and catch up. Let's hope Terry doesn't find him in the hamper again when Sybug's supposed to be sleeping. tee hee!