Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Crawford

We have been some busy folks the past few weeks.  I’m so behind on posts, but thought I would share my pictures from Saturday's birthday party for Crawford.  I made the cake as his birthday gift.  :)  If he’s anything like Skylar, then he has every toy under the moon. So, making a cake for him was more fun to give.  Their theme was a Fishing theme!  We had a great time.  The weather was perfect!!  I didn’t even sweat!  That’s amazing considering the past few weekends have been harsh!sand box (1 of 1)

Skylar loved playing in the sandbox. 

fishing poles (1 of 1)fishing pole favors (1 of 1)

The party supplies and favors.  Fishing Poles were Toy Story for boys and Dora for Girls.  Skylar loves loves loves that movie.  He loves Buzz!

stocked pond (1 of 1)

The pond that we all fished at.  Pretty huh?

all the dad's with the poles (1 of 1)

I love this.  All the dad’s working on getting the poles ready for their kids.. 

Terry trying to fix the pole (1 of 1)Terry trying to fix the pole2 (1 of 1)

Our special dad doing his fatherly duties!

father and son (1 of 1)

Skylar and Daddy fishing for the first time.  It was so sweet. 

fish catching (1 of 1)

Skylar got one!!

reeling in the fish (1 of 1)Skylar caught a fish! (1 of 1)

He reeled it in and “sort of” touched it before it was thrown back in.  He caught 2 fish (a bass and a brim) within 10 minutes.  :)  Then we quit while we were ahead.  :)

kids table (1 of 1)kids table2 (1 of 1)

The cool kid’s table eating their hotdogs, but mainly gummy worms.

fish pinata (1 of 1)

The fish piñata.  

skylar and pinata (1 of 1) candy from pinata (1 of 1)

Skylar “tapped” it and it didn’t do much, but after all the kids got a whack, the candy was up for grabs!

Crawford's cake (1 of 1)

The birthday cake (top layer is white vanilla and chocolate butter cream filling, bottom layer is white vanilla cake with cookies and cream vanilla butter cream filling).  Everything is edible except the wire holding the bobber and the fishing rod. 

boat (1 of 1)

Top of the cake. 

Crawford's cake fish and worm2 (1 of 1)

The fish and the worm on the #3 hook. 

crawford (1 of 1) crawford blowing out the candles (1 of 1)   

Crawford was so cute and ready to blow out his candle for the second time.  One of his friend’s beat him to it the first time.  :)

saying goodbye (1 of 1)

Saying Goodbye.  Not sure if Skylar thought Crawford was going to take his candy or not, lol. 


Gina said...

You really outdid yourself with Crawford's cake! I loved the worm that you made that was wrapped around the "3" hook. SO CREATIVE! Your friend Emily did a great job with the bday party's theme, games, and fish/fishing motiff. Loved the fishing pole idea and the kids actually using them!! You girls outdo yourselves every year! Crawford and Skylar are such lucky little boys! Wish I had gone to kid's bday parties like the ones that you 2 throw growing up! Skylar's expression was priceless with the little fish that he caught. HE IS TRULY ADORABLE!!!!!

Jamie said...

The cake turned out great!

Emily and Jacob said... I am going to put a link to your blog from my blog about the birthday recap!! You said it all and saved me time!! HaHa.. Just kidding. I will get around to it sometime!!! Thank you for the best gift ever! I love the Cake it was perfect! You are so talented!! We had so much fun and am glad Skylar did to. He will have to come back and fish again soon. Maybe Buzz(Skylar) and Woody(Crawford) can play soon!

Thanks Gina for your Sweet Comments....and to think these boys will not remember these parties....We better show them pictures to show our hard work! :-)

The Presnell's said...

Haha...we had a fun time! I'm surprised that Skylar caught fish! We would love to come see you all! We'll pick a weekend that we can all be free and have a play day! It's been too long!