Monday, September 20, 2010

Little Trip to Washington, NC

Last month I was asked to sing in my college (DZ sista) friend’s wedding.  It was in a little town called Washington.  Yep, I never heard of this town too, but it’s a little town that’s near Greenville.  If you ever have to drive through, you should stop. Anyways, I used to sing a lot back in the day and well I was excited and thrilled that I was asked to sing in her wedding that is until I realized that I am scared to death, petrified, crapping my pants, not really comfortable to sing in front of people anymore.  As the days were leading up to her wedding, I was getting more uncomfortable.  I was happy that Terry and Skylar came to the wedding with me.  We did have a fun Saturday touring the town.  It kept my mind off things so to speak.

The wedding itself was held outdoors and was at the waterfront.  It had gorgeous views.  I couldn't see Terry or Skylar, but when I began to sing, Skylar let everyone around him know that his mommy was singing.  Terry said he was grinning from ear to ear and he was so proud of me.  :)  That just melts my heart.  normally in the car he tells me to stop screaming, so it made me feel good.  Also…good news is that I didn’t pass out and I actually finished the song. ;) 

Bad news is, that I’m hanging up my grammy seeking career now. 

skylar upclose (1 of 1)

We walked down the streets during the day on Saturday.  Skylar was being super cute.   

skylar greenville (1 of 1)


waterfront (1 of 1)

To the left was actually where the wedding took place. 

boats (1 of 1)

  duck watching (1 of 1)ducks (1 of 1)

There were ducks that Skylar loved to look at. 

skylar and daddy 1

Experimenting with picture editing.  I thought this was cute. 

grass building (1 of 1)

This building was pretty cool.  Washington has a lot of character.

 hands in pocket (1 of 1)

Skylar walks with his hands in his pockets and it’s so cute.

 flowers (1 of 1) lights (1 of 1)

Some pictures of the decorations

      cake (1 of 1)  

The cake

  marianne (1 of 1)marianne and the cake (1 of 1)

I can’t believe I didn’t get any pictures of the wedding reception.  Marianne’s dress was so beautiful. 

 wendi and i (1 of 1)

Wendi and I (old roomies) posing.

wendi and skylar (1 of 1)

Wendi was so sweet to Skylar.  They danced a little there too.  :)

 Skylar and me 2 (1 of 1)

The Fam

Attempt at a family picture, lol…

Skylar and me (1 of 1) 

My sweet little man.


Can this be our Christmas card?  hahah  Skylar is really cracking me up.


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Marianne said...

Cute blog! Jennifer sent it to me. We were soooo happy that you sang at our wedding. By the way, your cakes are AWESOME!