Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Terry!

Terry is the big 3-1! hahah's all down hill from 21 isn't it? :) Nah life is good and neither one of us can complain. Well....only when Skylar isn't feeling well and no one gets any sleep (like last night). :0) We didn't do anything special, as once you have a kid, the thrill of a birthday party or tons of presents isn't a major priority for us both. I mean presents are always fun and cake is great...who am I kidding, birthday parties and presents are always a blast!!

We didn't have a birthday party, but we had wonderful guests for the weekend. Terry's mom and stepdad were on their way back from the beach and stopped by our house and stayed the weekend. We had a lot of fun, because they love spending time with Skylar and I love seeing our family love on Skylar as much as we do. It's nice to have family like that. Skylar got a bunch of new toys (like we need more toys, ahah) but he was happy with the change. He got a lot of funny Myrtle Beach shirts too. Actually, it sounds like it was Skylar's birthday, haah!
Skylar's new b-ball goal. (he just likes to move it all over the room, ah!)
Also, we had Skylar's 2nd and very much needed haircut on Friday. He did so well and it's so much shorter this time around. I was brave and said just cut it! :) I gelled it and he looks so grown up. What a big boy! Last weekend when he was a hippy
Big change huh?
I'm liking this gel thing.

I finally got a smiling, but mischievious smile from him.


Torie said...

Sklyar is soooo cute - LOVE the gelled look! Happy Birthday Terry!!

Erin said...

OH WOW I love his hair cut!! TOO CUTE!!!

Crystal Johnson said...

Love Skylar's hair! I actually dared to cut O's hair this weekend. It came out OK, and wasn't nearly as dramatic as Danny's go at it.

Happy 31st to Terry!

Swiders said...

Love the new cut! I texted Terry on Sat. to say Happy Birthday - hope he received it. Tell Jewel and Owen I said hello!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Terry! Watch out for Skylar and the ladies with the new do!

Layla 'n' Reggie said...

Oh, happy belated birthday Terry!! and that is one stylin' little boy you got there...what a great cut!