Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sun, Fun and Tropical Storm Hanna...

We had a great and much needed vacation!! Although, we did end it one day short, because of Hanna approaching (voluntary evacuations already were in place), we still had a ball! I'll try and post the pics in order. :) WARNING PIC HEAVY!! No smiles from Skylar...there goes that modeling career. ;)
Um Terry, can you see out the back window?
I think we packed a little too much
You're not looking very happy
I guess I will be happy for us all, woo hoo, Myrtle Beach here we come!

I think we packed a little too much. I remember going last year when I was 35 weeks preggers (by the way, we went during senior week and didn't realize, we kept saying "Senior Week 2007, woo hoo"haha...I'm sure that looked good with my huge belly, and pretending to be a graduating senior), back to my story (I go off on tangents) we packed 2 bags and brought Ralphie and that was plenty last year. So, we had our jeep packed full this time as you can see above. Kids sure do come with a lot of things. We only have 1 baby too, human that is, since Ralphie is our fur baby! Poor Ralph got boarded this time at his vet, since our hotel didn't allow pets. :(

On our way to Myrtle, we made a detour to Holden Beach to see Terry's Grandma Lucille. They live 3 miles from Holden Beach and they don't even go! The convenience is nice all the same. Man, they have it made. :) She gave us a plant that I was admiring off her front porch. I was reluctant to take it, because we don't have much luck with outdoor plants as we do indoors, but she insisted, so we accepted. She is such a sweet lady. Of course Skylar was giving his Blue Steel pose when pictures were being taken.

Once we got to the Hotel, we slipped on our suits and headed straight for the beach. Surprisingly to us, Skylar loved the beach. He wasn't scared of the sound of the waves and he didn't mind the sand as later on he tried to eat it. :)The video below shows him approaching the waves.

The waves had a calming effect on him.
Profile shot of father and son. Terry said don't judge him for not shaving, as he said this is vacation time!

Hiding from us and trying to eat the sand at the same time.

He also loved walking on the sand, which I thought would be much harder to do with it not being a flat surface. I don't think that phased him one bit.

He loved wetting his feet

I swear he loves eatting nutter butters. He can eat those all day.
Although a typical Skylar pose above, he did love the lazy river see below
I love this shot of Terry and Skylar approaching the waves

Below is the playground pics at Broadway at the Beach
Terry rode with Skylay on this ferris wheel thing for the kiddies
Skylar trying to climb out, typical boy

Holding him up for this pose was harder than I thought
Here we are at a pizza restaurant, sort of like Chuckie Cheese, but way better!!

Outside our hotel and geting ready to walk the strip.

The many faces of Skylar...

Our last night, since we decided to leave early

We had a great time and we had a ton more pictures, but I think I overloaded you enough. After I uploaded these pics, I realized that maybe a slide show would have been easier, ahah! We can't wait to go back next year. Now I need to start my diet, because let's just say we ate very very well!!


Swiders said...

I love your pictures from the beach - looks like ya'll had a great time! Everyone from our trip went home early too b/c of Hanna. And, you were much better than I was at snapping photos. I'm right there with you on not eating well while on vacation - but I'll just blame it on Baby Swid :) Can't wait to see you next week!

Anna Morrison said...

glad you had fun. might i say that you are as gorgeous as ever. your suit worked well. i remember a previous post and the suit discussion. you look great, pamela!
your pics turned out great. not too much.

Erin said...

Looks like your family had a GREAT vacation!! Glad you came back in time before Hannah hit!!

Tim said...

Looks like good times, and I'm glad you beat out the storm. If Brandie ever gets back to it, we'll post our recent vacation pictures. Hope to see you soon!