Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Writer's block

I just don't feel interesting right now, so I will just post some pics of Skylar from the weekend. :)

I gave him a treat, but let's just say he didn't hold it right.

Notice the newborn infant tooth brush? He chews on this now and carries it around the house.

Getting messier.

All Gone...

and ready to terrorize!

Skylar and Ralph hanging out, but Skylar looks like he is up to no good.

Chillin in his chair ....sort of. I don't think he understands the concept of sitting in his chair.

Skylar with his first cousin Zeb who is 10 months older, but you wouldn't know it! They are exactly the same size and wear the same size shoe, aha!

I think these boys are going to be best of friends

Skylar and his Uncle John John


Jen said...

You...uninteresting...NEVER!!! By the way love the terrorizing pic of Skylar. I laughed out loud.

Jennifer said...

Evan carried his infant toothbrush around for along time and chewed on it, my parents even gave him new ones for christmas! heehee I think it is the teething thing it must feel good to them. funny.

Torie said...

Great post!

Crystal Johnson said...

I am queen of just posting pictures... unless you want to hear how many poopy diapers I change a day or all about todays episode of Go Diego Go, then you just get pictures :)

Owen had a toothbrush type thing for teething it's called and angel brush. Have you heard of them? He still chews on it from time to time and it has outlasted all the other toothbrushes he's destroyed from chewing.

Anonymous said...

Seeing those pictures- if you had not seen the popsicle, it looks like he is bloody! i know that is terrible! :) hope you guys are doing well...Skylar is getting so big :)- Ali Parris