Saturday, September 6, 2008

The chaos that surrounded my diaper bag

The craziest thing happened today. Terry, Skylar and I did a bit of window shopping and went to garden ridge on our last stop. As we arrived home, I realized that my diaper bag was missing. I hate to say how angry I was, but I was mad (I won't go in to detail...but "someone" was supposed to put that in the car as I strapped Skylar in his seat.) Anyhoo... Terry high tailed it back to garden ridge in hopes that it was still in the shopping cart. He called the store on his way there and the cashier told him that someone turned it in (thank goodness,there are some nice people in this world!!) and that it will be waiting for him when he got there. He arrived and the cashier told him that it wasn't there anymore. she didn't know where it was and that she will take his name and number and give him a call about it. Terry didn't let that fly since he just called 5 minutes prior and it was there. So, he asked to speak to a manager. The manager said for them to check the security cameras and sure enough, one of the associates there,took the bag, clocked out and left. ALL on camera. So, the manager called the associate and asked her about it and she said she was coming back in. At this point, the manager was nervous, because he thought she might have been stashing money in that bag from the register she was working and so he called the cops also. The girl came in and lied to Terry's face saying the "owner" (me) called her to have her meet me somewhere so I could get it back. First off, Terry use to be an Counter Intellegence Interrogator for the US Army for 6 years and dealt with people who lie and knows when they are. (I try not to lie too much to him, like...I didn't take the last donut and things like that...because he's really good at what he does and would totally catch me lying. ha!) Anyways, she was caught in a few lies and needless to say, we got the bag back. The manager asked if we wanted to press charges, but Terry didn't and he shouldn't have since really, he left it there and someone turned it in. In a way, I feel bad for the girl who stole it. She's young and was about to get fired (Terry didn't stay for that) and if she stole money from the store, they were going to charge her with a felony for embezzeling money. Wait, why am I feeling sorry for her... That's crazy huh? All of this happened over this cute bag I got as a baby gift.


Crystal Johnson said...

First your house and now this! Crazy!!!! Yea, no, I don't feel sorry for the poor girl. Glad you got your cute bag back, though!

Torie said...

Holy Cow! That was a great story. Hey, does Terry play poker because he would be great with all that lying experience. hee hee

Glad you have your bag back.

Swiders said...

What a crazy story! But, you know I LOVE your bag, and I'm very happy all was sorted out. Kudos to Terry for pressing the manager, I doubt I would have had the courage to get the cameras out!

Crystal Johnson said...


I just wanted to give you three an open invite to come visit one weekend. I think it would be fun to get together :)