Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter in King

Today we went to King for the Mathis Easter get together. It's always at my brother's house which is perfect to have at. He has a lot of land and tons of fun things to do and play with there. The food was great, although I was Miss Clumsy pants! Since Terry was coming later, I had Skylar and while I was trying to get his food, he didn't want me to put him down (hello-nap time) and well, so once I got the bbq grilled chicken, potatoes, different salads, rolls and veggies on my plate, guess what I did. Yep, I dropped my food, right on their new floor!! To make things worse, I backed up, because well, I was embarrased and then I knocked Holly's cousin's plate too and her fruit fell on the floor too, aha! It was a chain reaction and I was standing there, mouth wide-open with Skylar in one arm and an empty plate in the other. Ahhh....moments like these are the best surrounded by family right? :)

Ready to go hunting! For eggs that is!

Obviously, Skylar is not drinking and driving. That's the bunny's beverage.

Zeb with his loot!

Rex with his loot!

The lovely hosts! John and Holly.

Silly Yasmine!


Swiders said...

Looks like a blast!! And, your "accident" so sounds like something that would happen to me...except my food would be all over my pants!!

Anna Morrison said...

Enjoyed reading about your mishap, cracks me up ms. graceful. Sounds like something I would do.

The other day, I was at Target and a guy told me I didn't have enough hands for all my kids. I said something so silly, I said, "yep, sometimes I wish I were an octopus." Hahaha. Mothers. We need a few extra hands sometimes. We manage though don't we? :)

Enjoy seeing Holly and John in the picture. Ah . . . King.